Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FIlm Studio Uses Branded Weed For Kevin Smith's New Movie

Kevin Smith, film director and hockey jersey enthusiast, has a new movie coming out.  It's called Tusk and it is about Justin Long turning into a walrus.  It also has Haley Joel Osment in it as a child star who turns into an adult whose movie career now has him in movies like Tusk.  

Who knows though, the movie, which is being described as a *gulp* horror dramedy, got overwhelmingly positive reviews at it's Toronto Film Festival premiere.  So it could be unique and fun.

However, what is absolutely unique is the way that the studio behind the film has decided to promote said film.  A24 studios didn't run a television ad spot, or even hand out t-shirts.  Nope, to promote a movie about a walrus, they commissioned Tusk branded medical marijuana.

At this point if you want to see a Kevin Smith movie, you are probably high anyway...so...

Two strains, Mr. Tusk and White Walrus, will be available at the Studio City dispensary Buds & Roses starting later this month, the New York Times reports. Graham Retzik, an A24 marketing guy who's never touched the stuff, says the bud is "surprisingly complex," or so he has heard from a friend:

"White Walrus, I'm told, is more mellow and uplifting," said Graham Retzik, an A24 marketing strategist, in a phone interview. 
Mr. Tusk, he added, is supposedly more intense. 
"The two are surprisingly complex, in keeping with the spirit of the film," Mr. Retzik said.

Hey, if it will sell more tickets for Smith, that's great.  To be honest as well, if you are pumped to go see a movie about a man turning into a walrus, you might be the kind of person who enjoys mind altering substances.  So the studio is just knowing their audience.

Anything that makes weed seem normal and lame right now is a good thing for everybody.  Fingers crossed that the new Ghostbusters movie has a complex "Ecto-Cooler" marijuana tie-in.

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