Friday, September 12, 2014

Drake's Head Appearing On Wheelchair Signs Across Toronto

Aubrey "Drake" Graham has become famous the world over for rapping and crying.  He even won a Grammy for doing these two things, but although the world now calls him Drake, his hometown of Toronto, Ontario will always know him as "Wheelchair Jimmy" Brooks.

This is because both the source of his career in showbiz and the brunt of many a joke at his expense comes from his first big break.  Before he was the Drake we all know, Aubrey Graham was a star on Canadian teenage soap Degrassi, where he played a high school athlete crippled in a school shooting.

See for yourself:

As an homage to his first introduction to the public, a couple of Toronto natives are painting the town, and by town we mean wheelchair signs, with stickers of Drake's face.  They hope that "Draking" will catch on throughout the capitol, as it very very well should.

Well, not going to see anything better than this today...

You could even say that the superstar even saw this phenomenon coming.  Simply take from the  hilariously prophetic words of Drake himself, circa 2007, "Damn, who's Drake? / Where's Wheelchair Jimmy at?"

Hint: Lots of places.

He is here Drake, he soon will be everywhere.

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