Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't Worry Bill Murray Is Still The Best Person

What's going on? Oh you know, nothing much, just Bill Murray doing his thing. Proving that he is still an American hero as he works the baseball game, collectin' ticket stubs and pinching his fans. You know, normal Bill Murray stuff.

Clearly he has to live forever right?  I want him to deliver my eulogy.

Murray's latest appearance was not at a charity golf tournament where he was obviously the best dressed.  Nor was it a couple's wedding he was crashing, deciding to give an impromptu toast.  No, he already did those things this year.

...and now we all want PBR pants.

Murray's latest irreverent public appearance was at a St. Paul Saints baseball game last week, and the results, as always, were magical. Murray, a well known baseball superfan, who is a partial-owner of the team living in a rum-tinged world, collected tickets and caught the first pitch before tossing it into the crowd.  Why? Well, because Bill Murray is a goddamn American Hero and everything he does is pure gold.

Further proof:

Go ahead, enjoy your day.

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