Monday, September 15, 2014

Apple Tells Customers How To Get Rid Of Their Free U2 Albums

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook played the prank of the year on the entire i-Phone-toting world by giving them a free album, beamed directly to their phone.  Normally this would not be a prank, if it were any other album than the one that everyone got.  That album was U2's new "Songs of Innocence" (UGH). thanks...I am good.

Like a bad dream, iPhone users woke up to a U2 record that came not only without explanation, but without a clear means of deletion.  How, you may ask, did they respond?  Not well:

For years now Apple has operated under a dubious reality distortion mentality- whereby they operate as if they know what's best for the consumer, regardless of what that consumer actually wants.  They were right about ditching keyboards, they were very wrong about U2.

However, unlike the STD you caught after that one night stand, U2 will not be permanently sticking around on your phone.  Recode reports Apple is now humanely providing instructions to delete the music, which was automatically inserted as part of an iPhone 6 promo.

Sorry Bono, but you can fuck right the hell off.

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