Friday, September 5, 2014

AOTW: Canadian Jails All Around

Welcome to The Asshole of The Week, where each Friday we highlight a person, place, or thing that is the absolute worst.  This week we have a figurative, no-brainer, shall we?

Consider this photo for a minute, make sure to read the caption:

"XO and blunt living da jail life."

Now consider that in the land of perpetual politeness, the Great North, the place where they apologize when you step on their shoes, is out ratcheting America from jail.

Officials at Canada's apparently infamous Bordeaux jail are reportedly refusing to comment after an inmate posted party pictures from inside his jail cell this week.

According to the Sun, repeat offender Michael Simoneau-Meunier's "livin da jail life" Facebook post drew media attention after he bragged about smuggling in weed, $250 XO cognac and a cell phone into the jail, which claims to have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol and cell phones.

Also, like all ignorant people who find themselves inside of a jail cell party, he is feeling pretty good about himself:

Simoneau-Meunier, a 15-time offender awaiting a robbery sentence, posted topless photos of himself and other inmates, showing off their muscular physiques. 
The inmates exchanged messages with Facebook friends, kept them up to date on their parole dates and received compliments about their trim bodies

Officials apparently did not comment on the drug smuggling OR the inmates' muscular physiques, but a source helpfully informed QMI that the convicts are "smuggling in cell phones faster than guards can confiscate them."

So it's clear, Canadian jail is assholes all around, but this time it is on the side of the guards as well. One half is clearly muscle-headed smuggler criminals, and the other is inept, non-caring guards.  So the question is: Who is the AOTW?  

Well since this article is mine and I decide, the answer is BOTH OF THEM!

Congratulations Canada, it is pretty clear, your jails are full of assholes.  Therefore your jail system is the Asshole of The Week, along with everyone inside.  You've earned it.

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