Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Guys Are Making What Might Be My New Favorite Racing Game

Here's one thing that is true about people who enjoy video games:  As they get older, they often become nostalgic for the (in their eyes) amazing games of their youth.  The games that got them to fall in love with video games in the first place.

I am one of these kinds of people, and each year I age, I become increasingly appreciative of the software that I spent so many hours (and often times, quarters) on.

Much of said nostalgia I possess lies in one of my favorite genres of games, those of the racing ilk.  The kinds of colorful, arcade titles that I would become so engrossed in at my local mall arcade.  Games like Daytona USA, Super Hang-On, Pole Position, and Outrun.  Drifting around corners while standing, gripped to the wheel, or on top of a fake motorcycle.  The kind of games that had two gears, Low or High.

So naturally when I stumbled upon Drift Stage, a game in development by two guys that aims to be everything that the old games I loved were:  Well, I got excited.

Never has the term "nostalgia boner" felt more appropriate.

While still in early development, programmer Chase Pettit, and artist Charles Blanchard are working their asses off to faithfully recreate the games that I, and they, loved so much.

Pettit to Kotaku:
To sum up my inspiration in two words: Yu Suzuki. I'll consider Drift Stage a huge success if we capture even a fraction of the magic of some of my favorite Sega arcade racing games: Super Hang-On, Daytona USA, and the under-appreciatedOutRun 2006 just to name a few. 
Those classic arcade racers were simple immediate fun from the second you started playing but also offered a lot of challenge for those interested in shaving off seconds. That's not really the way most racing games are made now. These days, you typically either get something like Forza Horizon that has one foot in the sim racing world and a learning curve to match or you get something that swings hard in the other direction like Mario Kart 8 that maybe eschews a bit too much depth for the sake of being accessible. There are definitely some amazing games in both of those camps, but I want to give the middle ground some more attention with Drift Stage.

Did I mention it has drifting?  How much drifting you may ask?

This much:

Yes, so much yes.

So it looks like I want, it plays like I want, and thanks to some great tunes, it even sounds like I want.  When can we play it?  Well, like all good things, we are gonna have to wait.

As it is still early in dev, there is no release date as of now, and the only announced platforms are PC and Mac.  Although plans are to get it on as many platforms as available.

Until we get some more info, I will have to settle for this video of early gameplay, which I will begrudgingly do:

Godspeed gentlemen.

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