Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Otter Has Manners For A Little While

It's a slow news day, so here is an otter eating food at a dinner table.

Look at him there, eating like a real boy!

There he is, sitting at the table politely, while some other unidentifiable critter spends it's time carousing around it's cage.  Wishing it could be as cool as an otter.

Don't worry though, things go south.

While the bowl isn't broken, let's just say the manners go out the window.

Hey pal! Get off the table!  You can't lay on the dinner table and eat dinner!  If you could, then we all would be living in a true paradise.

The video comes from (of course) Japan, where everybody assumedly has tons of cool pets that eat from pink bowls at the dinner table.

Like the video? Check out more at Japanese YouTube user mixjam11.

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