Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Wu-Tang Clan Was On The Daily Show And All Was Right In The World

Last night to promote their new album A Better Tomorrow, the entirety of The Wu-Tang Clan (sans passed on ODB- R.I.P.) appeared on none other than The Daily Show for an interview and performance.  Not since peanut butter and pickle sandwiches has two things which you'd expect not to be very good together turned out to be magical.

Two people I love for very different reasons.

Jon Stewart, once again proving he is one of the best people on the planet, even attempted to interview all of them at once.  A proposition that I imagine probably used up all the spare office chairs on set.

Stewart even appeared to not only be familiar with their music, but to know all of their names and mannerisms.  Even researching their latest problems getting back together with the full lineup, due to contract holdouts from Tha Chef Raekwon.  (Don't worry, they figured it all out.)

Interviewing more than one person at a time is pretty hard to do, let alone 9.  So Stewart stuck to the usual guns when interviewing The Wu.  Focusing on RZA, Ghostface, Meth, and Rae, and as usual criminally ignoring Masta Killa and GZA.

All together though it went as well as it could have given the censors of cable television aren't built for the personalities of Shaolin's finest.  The Daily Show even got a joke in there.

Check it out:

Wu-Tang ended the show with a performance of the first single called "Ron O' Neal" and even added a bonus performance of the straight classic "Triumph,"  which I am just going to believe is Jon Stewart's favorite Wu song.

Check it out:

Wu-Tang Forever.  After all, Wu-Tang is for the kids.

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