Monday, August 11, 2014

Man Who Loves Hats Also Loves Robbing Banks

The AP reports that police are searching for one New York man who loves his hats almost as much as he loves threatening bank tellers with violence and stealing money from banks.

There's only one way to fund this hat obsession...

According to Nassau County police, one hat enthusiast has committed no less than eight bank robberies in the span of two and a half months, ending on July 23.  Even hitting one bank twice in the time period.

He also managed to combine his two rather unconnected hobbies by wearing a variety of festive hats while he did his dirt:

Surveillance photos show the robber wearing a floppy white hat at one bank. At another, he accessorized with a baseball hat that had a picture of President Barack Obama on it. 
And at another, he decided on a hat with a long wig attached.

Police say that the robber gives the tellers a note, "threatening violence and demanding cash."  They believe it is the same man in all of the surveillance tapes.  Perhaps wearing the fun hats is a way to take the edge off that nasty threat of violence part.

Sounds like a wacky fun time!

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