Sunday, August 24, 2014

Funday: Springfield Is Here To Stay

Not sure if you heard, but there's a television milestone going on around here.  Something that made it very hard to complete this episode of Funday this weekend.

Yep, currently on television is every single episode of The Simpsons back-to-back in order.  It's the best thing that has ever happened to TV. television sitcom of all time....

That's right, for the next 8 days (12 in total) you have the chance to see every appearance of Homer Simpson.  Every "d'oh," every couch gag, every Itchy & Scratchy episode, is available for your discretion.  Hell, you can even be the hipster you want to be and pinpoint the "moment when the show stopped being funny," which is actually never.

 If this event doesn't deserve a Funday celebration, nothing does.

So enjoy this Funday, and then go watch some yellow people live their lives in the most hilarious ways.  You deserve it.


Action Bronson

Well, everybody else who makes music videos can just go ahead and forget about it for the rest of 2014.  That's because Bronsalino just made the best one of the year, without and doubt.  Motorcycles, Vietnam flashbacks, acid trips, guitar solos, leather dusters, and it even has some (super rad) music in there.  Just hang it up music world, 2015 will be here soon enough.

Gerard Way

Yep, Gerard Way is still actually releasing a solo album.  Which is an awesome idea, and even as a big My Chemical Romance fan, it is also very awesome that it seemingly will sound nothing like My Chem.  Look, this guy is a born rockstar, and pretty much has yet to do anything wrong music wise.  So if he seemingly wants to bring back britpop, despite not being from Britain, fuck it!  What I am saying is this song/video are rad, and I can't wait to hear more.

Haim f/ ASAP Ferg

While this isn't the best song by the lovely ladies of Haim, nor is it the best video that they have ever done.  Especially when they included what I consider to be one of the most annoying SNL cast members ever to be in it.  There is one thing that negates all of this, FERG.  Ferg is the absolute best, and anything he is a part of is instantly improved simply by his inclusion.

Trash Talk

Animated videos are awesome.  Especially when they look like they came straight out of the world of Bob's Burgers.  Trash Talk is also awesome, so when you animate them, then make everything freak the fuck out to the level of their music, it works, it works so hard.

Nicki Minaj

It has been an excellent week for music videos.  The only thing that could have made this better would have been if Sir Mixalot was in that chair instead of Drake.  After all, he's earned it.


Art and Craft Trailer

Just when you think that there aren't any more original ideas for documentaries/movies anymore.  Here comes the forger to end all forgers.

Ice Bucket Challenge Failures

No good deed goes unpunished.  Before you undertake the challenge, make sure you know how a bucket works.  Or have the strength to at least lift the damn thing.  Otherwise you could be on another one of these.

Go Pee in The Ocean

Go ahead, let er rip.

Firework Safety Suit

Everybody's favorite crazy inventor Colin Furze is back, this time building his own safety suit.  Because after all the best place to view a firework show is inside all of the fireworks.  Oh yeah, unless you have a cool workshop, don't do this.  Or totally do, whatever.

Shower Thoughts

Nick Offerman and his mustache are here to drop some knowledge on you, shower style.  Yes, everybody's favorite Reddit thread makes you realize that your right hand has never actually touched your right elbow.

That's it for this week.  See you next Funday folks (where there will still be Simpsons episodes happening).  What a world!

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