Sunday, August 10, 2014

Funday: Back Up In This Like The Resurrection

Oh good people of Funday, it is time to celebrate.  Time to be grateful.  Time to be happy.  Why, you may ask?

Well, because Tha Gods of Hip Hop have parted the clouds of magical Hip Hop Heaven and bestowed upon us mere mortals a rap miracle.  Not one, but two of the best musical groups of all time have now in 2014 reconnected to bring us their wonderful music.

I am talking about the reunion of Outkast and Wu-Tang Clan.

That's right people, you may have been familiar with the first reunion, hell if you are me you may have even seen them live already while you had the chance (and if you have the chance, do so immediately.)  Yes, the funky ATLiens have once again come together and blessed us with their unbelievable music.

You already know who I'm talmbout'. I am talmbout' Daddy Fatsacks, AKA Sir Lucious Leftfoot, AKA Billy Ocean, AKA the man himself Big Boi and Mr. 3000, AKA Andre 3 Stacks, AKA Jimi Hendrix, AKA the man himself Andre 3000.

And. You. Know. This.

The duo that are responsible for songs like this one:

Yep. Nothing more to say there but thank you.

But just like a middle of the mall carpet salesman: THAT'S NOT ALL!

Because you needed it, because you wanted it, because you deserve it, WU-TANG IS BACK AS WELL.

Awwwww shit!

They even did us one better, unlike Outkast who are just focusing on rocking the stage, Wu even has a new album and a new song.  A song where Ghostface Killah talks about doing coke through a crazy straw and calls people Spongebob ass so and so's.  So clearly we live in a paradise.

So don't take this time for granted Hip Hop heads.  And if you are a (terrible) person who doesn't like Hip Hop, well, the least you could do is be happy for those of us who are.

Things are good, and that is excellent.


Action Bronson

I cannot properly explain how awesome the first single from Bronsalino's upcoming album is so instead here are some of the absolute perfect lyrics: Spilled dressin’ on the vest at the festival, The best of all, had a midget Puerto Rican at my beckon call, Best believe that there was neck involved, Fucked around and almost wrecked the Saab, Uh, we took acid for ten days straight up in the mountains, Started running with the stallions, Playing frisbee in the West Indies, Did the tango with my kidneys, Eyes open, now I know just who my kids need  Like I said, perfect.


The British lads of alt-J often find themselves on one end of a certain spectrum when it comes to singles and accompanying music videos.  Either they can be incredibly nihilistic, serious, and bleak like "Hunger of The Pine" and it's video or, very rarely, they can fall on the other end and produce an upbeat funky track and similarly fun video.  This time, for the second single off their new album, they have decided to do the latter.  While not good in the sense of The Pine, it is good in a whole other way, which shows in part why these guys are so special.


It is very rare that three people can come together and seemlessly mix just about everything you like sonically into one small snippet from their upcoming album.  This one deserves to not have me ruin it anymore by elaborating on it.  Just listen.


Holy smokes.  I think I have stumbled upon something.  Something dark, and awesome.  The latest side project from important metal frontman Tom Warrior (fuck yeah that's his name) just might be even better than the other two bands he fronts.  A particular highlight, the band members headbanging in an upside down cross formation.  Brutal.


Last year a mixtape called Shallow Graves for Toys emerged from the current capital of Hip Hop- Atlanta, that seemed as if it was a renewal for the city as a musical whole. The duo of EarthGang, Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus respectively, skillfully bridged the soulful sound of old-school Southern rap with the weirder impulses of Internet-savvy contemporary hip-hop, a departure from the city's familiar club sounds, an invocation of another local duo who were almost too inventive for their own good—Outkast.  Now that, is exciting.  If even 1/100th of the rap population would try to move in this direction, things might just be even more amazing then they already are.


The Theory of Everything

One of the most intelligent, interesting scientists of our modern age Stephen Hawking, is getting his own movie people.  Now all you idiots can find out that he was English before he had a robot voice.  Biopics of entertainers are fine and all, but this is the kind of guy that needs his story told.  Fingers crossed Hollywood doesn't fuck it up big time.

Worst Pain Ever

Australian adventure duo Hamish and Andy decide to go try to become men the only way they know how: By enduring the worst manhood ritual, and consequently the worst pain known to man.  Well, at least one of them does.  It doesn't go well.

8-bit Se7en

Welcome to the most fucked up Super Nintendo game you will ever play.

Apparently News Kid

You'd never guess that this was Noah Ritter's first time on live television.  Apparently he is a natural.

Ultimate Close Calls

Sit down before you watch this one.  Then never leave your house again.  Especially if you need to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, or operate anything.  Unless, it just makes you even more careful.

Bonus Clip

That is all. See you next week everybody!

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