Monday, August 11, 2014

Better Call Saul Is Actually Happening

Well it is officially real now.  The show that is either a joyous continuation or incredibly flimsy cash in on the legacy of Breaking Bad (depending on where you stand on closure) is actually, really going to be a real television show.  That's right, AMC's desperate need to continue the universe of what many perceive to be the greatest television show ever made is coming in the form of a prequel in Better Call Saul.  Being that it is an AMC show, it even has begun the marketing whirlwind with it's very own teaser that debuted this weekend.

Fingers crossed for a Walt cameo.

The rather short teaser features a much thicker haired Bob Odenkirk as the fan favorite lawyer Saul Goodman, who will be the focus of the new show.  It does however, feature the familiar Saul style in a quote that will make fans excited without really showing them too much.

Check it out:

The teaser is the latest part in the marketing scheme for the heavily anticipated show which will premiere in February next year. In July, a billboard appeared in Albuquerque advertising the services of “James M McGill”, Goodman’s alter ego as a younger man. Callers to the number given could hear Odenkirk’s voice on an answerphone message.

As for the show itself, it's pretty much a toss-up.  While Saul is a fan-favorite, he might have been so striking because he wasn't in every scene.  Also, the show is Hollywood's favorite option when a sequel is impossible, a prequel.  Which means that no matter what happens in the show, there can ultimately be little stakes, given that we know what happens to Saul.  

Perhaps the rumors of it being a more lighthearted version of Albequerque than we saw within the reign of Heisenberg, but then the question begs: What is the point of that?

One thing is clear though, Bob Odenkirk is the best and deserves to be on television all the time.

We will find out early next year though if it was worth the wait.  In the meantime, we still have Rectify.  Seriously, go watch Rectify.

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