Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Welcome To The 420 Simpsons Remix Twitter, Which Is Much More Than It Seems

The Internet has always been a home to fandom, stretching back to it's very first forums created in the early breaths.  Fans have harnessed it's power to create their often disturbing, almost always bizarre versions of their favorite parts of popular culture.  Taking the characters they love and writing their own worlds for them.  It even has a name, fan fiction, or fan-fic for short.

Now a rather new take on The Simpsons, a subject already deep in the fan-fic game, has really come into its own in the past few weeks.  The account @Homer_Marijuana asks the simple question:  "What if Homer Simpson smoked weed?" A question apparently not that hard to imagine.

At first this seems like an all too simple gimmick in our modern online landscape, where weed culture (annoying as it may be) is a prevalent and continual part of the space.  Added to this is the nostalgia invoking of 90's culture that is like shooting a fish in a barrel full of fish.  There were no doubt many marijuana Simpsons accounts before, and there will be many after @Homer_Marijuana.

"Whew, I hope I didn't brain my damage." -Homer

This may all be true, but spend some time with Marijuana Simpson, and you began to see that there is more to it than at first seems, a bizarre alternate universe of Simpson lore that is unexpected and surprisingly detailed.

While weed does play a large part of the story (a ridiculously large part) Marijuana Simpson is a continuing narrative that examines the citizens of Springfield, along with the Simpson family as they try to deal with their existence in a dark parallel world to the one we all know from television.

No joke, it really is.

Through the haze of the kush we see a torn apart Simpsons clan after years of marijuana abuse and various hardships.  Bart served in Iraq and is still struggling with the PTSD he brought home. Maggie is talking—blazing too. There's a second boy now, Ken, but he's in prison. (And as of today strangled to death during a prison-hit ordered by Chief Wiggum, his last words, "marijuana has torn this family apart.")

I won't spoil much more, but to say that this is what we could call "the deep Internet."  The kind of weird good stuff that shouldn't exist anymore.  Follow it.

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