Monday, July 14, 2014

Watch The World's Greatest Peter Griffin Impersonator Do His Thing

The world is a massive place, and at times it seems there are limitless possibilities for what can and will happen.  However, this writer is gonna go out on a limb and proclaim that the man you will see below is unequivocally the world's best impersonator of Peter Griffin, the fictional paterfamilias of Fox's inexplicably popular animated series Family Guy.

Actual photo of impersonator.

Over the weekend he made a wrong turn on the way to Quahog and turned up at a costume contest for an Allentown, Pennsylvania Comic Con.  Once he was there, he thought he might as well warm up the crowd by telling a couple of jokes.  The magic part?  Not only does he have the look down, a feat no doubt accomplished my many portly american men with astigmatism, but he absolutely nails the voice.  Together, that makes for a pretty convincing Peter.

Check out the video below, the best part is when he as Peter laughs at his own jokes.  Also, it wouldn't be a Peter Griffin standup if he doesn't tell you about the bird.  You have heard about the bird?  Right?

Robert Franzese, the actual human man behind the masterful Peter, has been playing the head of the Griffin clan, Real Life Peter Griffin, at conventions since 2012.  Also, for you wrestling fans out there, he does a pretty good Sgt. Slaughter.  And like all great chameleons, his voice: Nothing like his characters.

Family Guy still sucks though.

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