Monday, July 28, 2014

Inventor Builds Giant Butt So He Can Fart At France

British inventor Colin Furze is a man who likes to have fun.  He has his fun by inventing things and posting them to his YouTube channel, where he has become an online celebrity for his ingenious and often funny antics.  Previously he has created a jet-powered bike and the world's fastest toilet.

However, with his most recent invention he has totally outdone even himself.

Big ol' butt.

His newest toy is, as you can see above, a giant metal butt with a butthole fashioned to fire a pulsejet.  Why?  Well, to fart at France of course.

After learning the pulsejet sounded alarmingly like a fart, Furze hoped to create a jet loud enough to be heard across the English channel, 21 miles from his location on a beach in southern England. (He does quote the Monty Python line you're thinking of, if you were wondering.) 

Watch the "experiment" here:  

If you would like a little more info on the contraption that makes the butt fart, here is how he created the pulsejet:

Also, that previous sentence is one I never expected to write.

Suck it France!

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