Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Innocent Man Locked In Maximum Security Prison For 31 Hours

This isn't a case of the justice system's failure, a tale of imprisonment of the wrong man.  This is a literal accidental holding of a man who walked right into a prison, and then could not walk out again.  Not for over 30 hours.

The man walked through the gates of the Cook County Jail this past Saturday with the intention to visit his son, who was incarcerated there within.  As he entered the visiting room, a door shut behind him, and that was it.  Stuck.

That's like going to get a delicious hamburger, then instead of a are imprisoned in a maximum security jail for over a day.  Not fun, and certainly no burgers available.

Um...hello?  Little help here?  Anybody?

In fact, the poor man was only rescued after he McGuyvered his way into breaking a fire sprinkler, alerting the Chicago Fire Department.  Reportedly the reason why he was trapped for so long was that the room went unchecked because it is not used on weekends.

Cara Smith, the jail's executive director to the Chicago-Tribune:

"Brilliantly, he broke the sprinkler head off which alerted the fire department so they were able to identify where it was coming from and they went in and found him. [One he was discovered] he was incredibly, obviously, relieved and couldn't have been more gracious."

Being trapped in a literal nightmare situation, then being rescued.  Yeah, I would imagine that is pretty glorious.

More from the Tribune:

The man, who is middle-aged, had to have a "couple of stitches" on one of his thumbs from breaking the sprinkler and was taken to Rush University Medical Center. Smith said she met with the man early Monday about 3 a.m. and he was taken back to the jail after he was treated to pick up his car, she said.

Only this time there was a mixup and the man was believed to be a criminal serving 15 years.  Just kidding, but I bet that was running through his head on the trip back.

The man's son is in jail awaiting trial for a drug case and has been at Cook County Jail for thirteen months.  Assuming that they know where he is inside the jail.

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