Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finally You Can Play Doom On An ATM

ATM's are generally good things, all the nasty fees aside.  They give you a quick and convenient way to get your money, so you can buy things, like video games.  Or they give thieves a quick and easy way to rob you while you get your money, so they can buy things, like video games.  They are pretty much a win/win for everybody.

However, there is a fault with current ATM technology.  Things would be a whole lot easier if you could skip the step where you got the money to buy video games and instead just played the games right there on the ATM.  This would save you a bunch of time, and possibly provide a means to turn your potential robbery into a thief/non-thief bonding session.  Sadly though, this has never been possible...until now!

Thanks to a group of Australian hackers who happen to also be video game enthusiasts, this bizarre dream has now come true.  All it took was to get their hands on their own ATM that they could disassemble, then reassemble, as a video game machine.

A video game machine that allows you to play id Software's absolute classic Doom, on an ATM.

Sorry, trips to Hell can only be withdrawn in multiples of 10.

Although you are relegated to using the number pad in lieu of a keyboard, this is still pretty damn cool.  Also, I can finally use my patented catch phrase, "Insufficient fund this!" as I blow away Imps and Cacodemons.  Subsequently, my patented catch phrase also now finally kind of makes sense.

Check out the video below to see how the dudes did it, fingers crossed for a Quake version next:

Video games!

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