Monday, July 14, 2014

Beach Hailstorm Looks Like Beginning of The Apocalypse

The good people of Novosibirisk, Siberia were enjoying themselves on a day at the beach when out of nowhere things turned into something straight out of an end of the world disaster movie.  The beach and weather seemed perfect for lounging and swimming at first, a very warm 99F (37C), then things got crazy.


Also, since it is 2014, the whole event was caught on video of course.  Props to whoever was being pelted while filming for posterity's sake.

Check it out below:

As for the beach goers, their day was pretty much ruined, and in a few seconds went from lazy enjoyment to abject horror.  With people running for their lives for shelter from the relentless pelting of ice.  According to The Siberian Times, a woman's voice is heard saying in the video, "if we die, I love you."  You cannot really blame her can you?

Another one told the paper that her "husband was protecting our my young daughter but his back was exposed to the hailstones and he has bruising all over it."

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