Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hundreds of New Emoji Coming to Replace All The Words

Emoji demand is far outpacing emoji supply.  In your basic economics,  this means it would be a great time to be an emoji robber baron.  You could sit upon your pile of emoji cash, and twirl your handlebar mustache with glee as the proles below you furiously spammed "Cloud With Lightning" and "Fork and Knife With Plate" to each other.  Well...you could do that if it was a thing, which it is not...yet.

"Yes, buy all the emoji you want...SHEEP! Ha ha ha ha!"

It will soon be though, because it is almost officially the summer of 2014, and despite the massive amount of emojis already available, there are still so many words.  Words that cannot be properly expressed ironically through tiny images in text messages.

However, the emojis, are coming.

Phones will be able soon to recognize 250 more emojis, and more are on the way until the inevitable page right out of 1984.  When people will no longer need the pesky words, and will be able to LOL at each other using only pictures.  What an age.

Via The Verge:

Unicode, an industry standard that regulates the presentation of text across different software platforms, updated today to include 250 new emoji, the Unicode Consortium says. It will be up to the makers of Unicode member platforms like iOS and Android to implement the new standard and develop pictographs to represent the emoji, each of which Unicode describes only with a few tantalizing words.

Translated (into words someone who copiously uses emojis will understand) this means that your Iphone or Android will be able to recognize hundreds of new symbols, but designers will have to draw them first.  The list has potential, but is certainly daunting, and suffocating.  Also more than a little bit sad.

Here are some possible brand spankin' new emoji, via...*sigh*... Emojipedia:

Thermometer, Cloud With Rain, Wind Blowing Face, Hot Pepper, Dove Of Peace, Pocket Calculator, Checker Board, Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers (aka the fucking VULCAN SALUTE -Ed.) and Bed.

There will also finally be an emoji for bed.  Thus allowing people so drunk they've lost the ability to speak, to tell others where they should go.

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