Sunday, June 15, 2014

Funday: I Got Nothing

I don't really have a subject this week for the intro.  Other than: "Hey, it's summer practically and I just want to go outside and lay in the grass and/or pool."  Not really much to that, or that I can presently muster into four paragraphs or so.

So sue me.

It's okay though, next week I will have a proper intro.   Probably something to do with the World Cup, you know, gotta stay t(r)opical!  When you do one of these every week without fail, sometimes you just don't have much to say other than welcome to Funday, and enjoy the music and videos from the past week.

I don't know, here's a new music video from Psy as my pittance.  It features Snoop Dogg, because Psy has the wherewithal to realize that Snoop makes everything better.  Every single thing:

Man, talk about meta.  The post viral comedown is gonna hit Psy hard.  Good thing he will probably already be a gazillionaire by then.  I've seen the shows he does in Korea, he is getting paid.



If it is indeed summer, then you should only be concerned with one thing: Finding a bangin' dancehall album to become your soundtrack.  Don't even worry about it, Popcaan has you covered with his debut album, just in time.  He is about to take his rightful place as the current most buzzing dancehall guy in Jamaica, so you should probably know about him.

Blood Orange

Pop music would be a much better place if it required everyone to be good at dancing.  Dev Hynes is real good at dancing.  Also, for a guy that normally performs all his music (and kills) with only a leather jacked and some keyboards, this band plus full compliment of dancers really brings it home.

Gerard Way

Now if you are like me, you saw this name and then scratched your head for a while wondering how you knew it.  Then you hit play an realized it was totally the dude from My Chemical Romance.  It's awesome that he took some time from his making comics career to be a rock star again, there is too much of a shortage of them these days.


Let's just be honest with ourselves here.  Mastodon owns all forever and always.  Amen.

Ryan Hemsworth f/Tinashe

French New Wave filmmakers thought they had cornered the market on filming cool stuff.  Imagine what they could have done if they had globetrotting Canadian DJs to film at the time.  The possibilities are limitless to what we could have seen.

Nicki Minaj

Full disclosure:  I already posted this song a week or so back, but it now has a video and thus by my own rules it is eligible once again for review.  Also I just really like it.  Yes, it is pretty much just a Beats Pill commercial, but it is also more, so much more.  

Lydia Ainsworth

Here is the best way to experience this one: 1) Put on some good headphones.  2) Turn them up.  3) Full screen this shit.  4) Hit play.  -Me telling you literally anything more would ruin it completely.


Bad British NBA Finals Commentary

I told you.  If they keep making them, expect to find them here every week.

Inside the 1000 MPH Car

No that is not a typo.  Andy Green's office is a car that can go 1,000 mph, and he is willing to give you a tour of it before it is horribly destroyed in some sort of fireball.  Just kidding, hope not.  If you didn't know this was a car you would call it a spaceship.  Although what were we supposed to expect, a four on the floor and some fuzzy dice?

E3 2014 EA Conference Abridged

Video game's biggest event E3 is over, and for the most part it was pretty cool.  However, let's be honest, it's really just a huge marketing event to ply the masses to spend their hard earned money on luxuries they don't really need.  Most of E3 disguises this pretty well, but when they fail, they fail hard.  Like EA did this year.  Luckily one funny YouTuber decided to take them to task.

100 Ways to Attack The Groin

Sorry fellas, this was just too good though.

That's it, get on outside and enjoy yourself.  Just make damn sure your ass is back inside by next Funday.

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