Monday, June 23, 2014

Drug Cartels Busted Using Fake Watermelons To Smuggle Weed

First it was cocaine infused goat meat, then cookies with a different kind of "sugar," now the most delicious of summer treats (watermelon) is being co-opted for drug smuggling.  Well, kind of.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers stopped the driver of a tractor trailer carrying what appeared to be delicious watermelons near Tucson, Arizona this past Thursday.  Only, after they X-rayed the fruit, they discovered these watermelons were packing more than just melon.  They were filled with millions of dollars of weed.

The watermelons weren't even watermelons at all, but facsimiles that were painted to look like the fruit.  The melon smuggler, an employee of the Mexican cartels, made it 20 miles into the U.S. with his impostor cargo before he was pulled over.

Imagine cracking one of these open, then being disappointed.  Then possibly being happy.

Tucson border patrol agent Bryan Flowers to Fox News:

These criminals use a lot of unique ways to try to conceal their narcotics. We've seen individuals use false compartments in the seats and gas tanks. We've also found marijuana in tractor trailers here before.

This wasn't the first time delicious and innocent fruit was used for drug smuggling. In 2008, cartels were busted bringing 5,000 pounds of pot — about $8.3 million worth — into Nogales, Ariz., hidden among actual watermelons.

At least then you would get a refreshing treat, right when you were sure to need it.  Watch your local farmer's market, they might be selling "fruit +..."

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