Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Hide Your Drugs In Your Fat Rolls, Police Will Still Find Them

Listen, if you are going to make the decision to have drugs, don't hold onto them.  Do them, or sell them, just get them out of your hands as fast as you can.  Preferably after you attain said drugs, don't require the need to drive them somewhere.  The police will pull you over, and they will find them.  They are pretty good at it.

No matter where you hide them, even if it is under your copious belly fat.

Give you two guesses who has the drugs.
That's exactly what happened when Keithian Roberts and Christopher known to his friends as "Fat Boy" Mitchell  were pulled over by the cops in Volusia County, Florida for not wearing a seatbelt.  After the two appeared to act "nervously" (because the police have never given anyone cause to do that) the two were held.  A K-9 was called in to search the scene, and then things got strange.  The 450-lb, 42-year-old had to think quick, and he did.  He just thought really poorly.

According to WFTV9:

"the deputy found cocaine, 23 grams of marijuana hidden underneath Mitchell's stomach fat, a handgun, and more than $7,000 cash stuffed into a tube sock."

It is not clear how the deputy found the weed under Mitchell's stomach rolls, but odds are the dog was involved.  Perhaps he was wearing a strong cologne and thought it would fault the dog whose sole job is to smell drugs.  Or maybe he forgot that the dog uses it's nose and not it's vision.

Roberts, who was driving the car also was arrested for possession charges.  He apparently did not hide any contraband under parts of his body.

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