Monday, June 23, 2014

American Student Pulled From Giant German Vagina

Quick, let's play the game of "Is This Actually What You Think It Is?"

Did you guess that the vagina would be stone?  If so, you win!

There is a giant marble vagina on the campus of Germany's Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology, and one American exchange student decided to get himself stuck all up in it.  Note: If you are ever on campus of TUIM, and someone dares you to climb inside of the giant marble vagina, respectfully decline.  You may suffer a brief moment of abuse, but it will in the long run be a much less embarrassing ordeal than to hours later be forcibly birthed from said vagina by angry German firefighters.

The student, who did not follow this advice, took the dare.  He then became stuck in the vagina (here is where you say "Story of my life") and bystanders were forced to call the fire department.

The student was a short time later assisted by no less than 22 firemen, who showed up in five trucks flanked by an ambulance, and whom most of which probably buried their faces in their hands when shown their task.

They did not however need any extra equipment to free the young man.

They used the tried and true "pull out" method.

Erik Guzman, a witness to the whole event, said that the man freed from the giant anatomy was trying merely to take a photo of himself inside of it.


"The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed."

The statue itself has been on the campus for 13 years, and was commissioned for $173,000 from Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara.  It is named "Pi-Chacan," which roughly translates to "making love" in English.

Take pictures of it, but please, only from the outside.

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