Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aaron Paul Will Turn Your Xbox On

Not sexually, although maybe...I am not sure I am not a machine.  They could totally be into him, plenty of humans are.

Will totally break a robot's heart.

Anyway, Aaron Paul is keeping busy post Breaking-Bad.  Good for him.  One of the things he is doing is starring in a new ad for Microsoft's new console the unfortunately named Xbox One.  In the ad he laments being a rich/successful actor because he doesn't have enough time to play video games.  He also is inadvertently trolling everyone at home who has one due to a certain feature of their Xbox.

Two words: Voice control.

See, the Xbox One's Kinect has built in voice controls which are always on, even when the Xbox isn't.  This allows you to turn on your console even if you cannot find where you threw your controller last time you became irrationally angry while playing FIFA online to some Brazillian kid (topical!)  All you have to do is say: "Xbox on."

The problem is, anybody can say "Xbox on" and as long as it's loud enough, and your Kinect is listening (which it always is, sat there judging your life with it's cold mechanical ears) it will turn on your Xbox.  Even Jesse Pinkman starring in a television advertisement.  Since most people keep their Xbox near their television, when the ad comes on, so does your Xbox.

Voila, Aaron Paul just jacked your console, bitch.

This isn't the only voice controlled fun you can have with Kinect.  Check out what one savvy gamer did when he changed his gamertag to "Xbox Sign Out."

Xbox, you so crazy.

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