Monday, September 30, 2013

Woman Attempts Suicide By Train, Escapes Totally Unharmed

A woman who attempted to kill herself by jumping in front of a moving train has miraculously survived  without a scratch as the train passed harmlessly over her head. Adding to my belief that trains are entirely harmless, thanks to movies and this guy.

How every train looks now through my eyes.
Footage of the incident, which was captured on a nearby surveillance camera at the nearly deserted Delhi metro station, shows the June 9th attempt.

A security official felt the need to state the obvious about the unidentified 21 year old woman:

"She came to the station alone apparently to commit suicide."

While a spokesperson for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation called the woman's survival "nearly impossible" other DMRC officials have theorized that a ditch in the track right where the woman jumped saved her life.

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Good Son Returns Cash Stolen By Bad Father

When Christian Lunsford of Moore, Oklahoma received a call from the county jail last month he didn't answer it. It was clear to him that his father was in trouble with the law, again. Christian was right, Shane Lunsford had been arrested for mugging an old lady at a cemetery.

Robbing people at a cemetery? Could you get more stereotypically bad?

Tona Herndon, 78, had just lost her husband, who she was married to for 60 years, and was by his gravesite when Lundson appeared and snatched her purse. Inside was $700 in cash.

When Christian realized what had transpired, he remembered a recent visit from his father in which the mostly absent man presented him with $250 for a band trip. He said this to News9:

"When I found out this whole situation, I didn't know if it was hers or his or how, I just knew I needed to give the money to her."

As much as Christian wanted to attend the trip, he felt returning the money to Herndon would prove to be more valuable. He arranged to meet her in the parking lot of the town's First Baptist Church. Christian in later speaking to CBS News:

"There's times that you just feel really low, like, 'Is that going to be me? Am I going to end up like that? It needed to be done. She needed an apology from somebody. If I didn't apologize, who would?"

Herndon didn't hold on to the money long though, and handed it back to Christian. "I want you to go on your band trip," she told Christian. "It was a joy to do that."

Even though his father wasn't around to teach him about life, it seems Christian has still picked up a few important ideals. "You're not who your parents are," he told CBS. "Even if they do raise you, you can become whatever you want to be."

Check it out:

What a good kid.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Funday Music Edition: Breaking It Down Before Breaking It Bad

Oh boy folks, it is Funday again! What a Funday am I right? The weather is beautiful, there's football on television, and everyone will most likely break the Internet tonight when Breaking Bad either makes us all emotionally crushed or triumphantly defiant while simultaneously blowing our minds. It's gonna be a great Funday folks and to celebrate with all you lovely people I have a special all music edition. There were just too many great songs this week to not do it. You understand right? Of course you do, because you are cool Funday people. So cool. How cool are you?

You are Frank Sinatra stepping out of a helicopter with a drink cool.  You are that cool.

There's not much more to say after a picture like that. So here we go!


Mike Will Made It

I know what you are thinking, how can you put this video up? To which I would answer simply, because it is amazing. Amazing in all the right, and wrong, ways. You've got Miley "Hey world, I am an adult now" Cyrus in full swing smoking purp in da club and being adamant in her aversion to pants. You have the height of how out of control Hip Hop fashion has become, polka dot capri shorts? You have a producer named MIKE WILL MADE IT, when he could've easily gone by Mike Will. There's glittery basketballs, a Principal distracted by a basketball, and an indecipherable title to a song that makes no sense at all (it's called 23 ALA Michael Jordan, but other than mentioning his tongue he is largely ignored with the focus being placed on his shoes.) Most of all it has the tried and true Hip Hop cliche that never fails, high school basketball theme which has been used to great effect here, here, and of course, here. I love it ironically, I love it un-ironically, it's utterly ridiculous, and in such a great way.

ASAP Rocky

You know how sometimes you buy an album and think "man, this song is an obvious single and when it is made so, it will catapult this album forward, a surefire hit." But then the song is never chosen as such and you go on wondering why this happened and maybe your skills that you think you have as an A&R for a record label maybe aren't as good as you may have thought. Wait, maybe no one else thinks this way, but I do. Anyways, when I first got Rocky's debut, this song hit me in the face as a huge hit, and finally they are releasing it as a single. And if ever there was a person to recruit for your "Fashion Killa" lead squeeze, Rocky did it right here recruiting RihRih. What a great pop record.


A lot have things have happened to my music tastes over the years. I would say they have matured greatly and allowed me to incorporate many genres and artists I had been ignorant to for years, further enriching my knowledge and general lifestyle. However, if you had told me a few years ago that not only would I in the future end up loving a Drake record, but also thinking he made one of the best song's of the year...I would have slapped your damn mouth. Not to mention coupling it with one of the most corny but absolutely entertaining videos I have seen in a long time. You just don't get production like this anymore, pay attention Millenial children, there was a time not too long ago music videos were way more awesome like this one. Before the industry stopped making money hand over fist. But I digress, you won me over Drake, bravo.

Sky Ferreira 

God damn. We already knew that delicious 80's pop music is back and to stay with her lovely debut album, but holy moly is this that aesthetic but blown up in such a vibrant way. No more muted chillwave type stuff here anymore, just a bright sunshine that somehow keeps it's downcast underdog tones perfectly. If only she could stop doing every drug under the sun and keep doing this. Or, I don't know, do more drugs? Seriously though kids, stay in school. Leave the music biz to Sky, she already knows what she's doing, plus lets face it, she looks better in leather jacket than we could ever hope to.

Charli XCX

I guaran-fuckin-tee that there isn't a pop star on the planet who would be more fun to hang out with than Charli XCX. She rocks a side-pony, she wears skyscraper platform shoes, she can do the robot better than an actual robot built to do the robot, and most of all she does covers like this totally unironically. I imagine it would be like the whole movie Lost in Translation, just way less soul crushing at the end, and probably more platonic, in a good way. When people ask you about the experience, you would describe it as "playful" and "giddy," and tell them that's all the info they are getting.

Young Galaxy 

Is this a parable of young love between two soldiers? Is it merely a video of intense animations that would make the producers of Heavy Metal proud? Is it just a trip? Regardless of how you want to interpret the visual, it backs a completely haunting song that I cannot figure out, but that doesn't matter. It has equal parts mystery and majesty, with a metaphysical twist, and that is pretty darn fantastic. 

Pusha T

Ever since I heard the first few seconds of the twin duo of The Clipse's first hit "Grinding" by way of Pharrell's production genius, I knew Pusha T was something else. When I realized that said beat could be expertly recreated on high school lockers (shout out to Max T.) I was even more excited. I honestly don't think there has ever been a rapper that has been slick enough to come up with the mountainous lyrical amount of allusions Pusha has been able to make with regard to slinging cocaine in the streets. He literally made a career off of it, first with his twin brother Malice, and now even more notably by himself. While Malice found God, Pusha found his groove and has been dropping some of the best mixtapes of the past few years. Finally in just a few days his album will be here, and can you tell that I am excited for that?

Lil Reese 

Drill music isn't going anywhere, and I am totally fine with that. The ever improving, member of Chief Keef's crew continues to over and over again keep dropping the kind of pitch perfect street music that even Keef himself has strayed from, to the dismay of many of his fans. It is fascinating to see someone so young come into their own style and sound out of the shadow of his friend's massive success. Moreover, this guy has it in him to become a star in his own right, especially if he keeps making bangers like this.


I promise I didn't plan on making this music Funday nothing but female pop singers and rappers, but sometimes you just gotta play the hand you are dealt. If it happens that female pop singers and rappers exclusively make the best songs of the week, well that is what is gonna go into Funday, especially a music edition. Banks just dropped her first video that is actually in color, ever. Gotta say, it is nice to see her in a variety of hues. That's how I would describe her song as well, colorful. Perhaps that had to do with the reason for her sudden aesthetic change.

Willis Earl Beal

Okay there, I broke the trend. This guy isn't a rapper or a female pop singer obviously. What he is though is one of the most exciting and talented new singers I have heard in a long time. Born in Chicago, traveling to New Mexico, not only does he look like an artist plucked from the pages of a blues text book, but his story and music tell the tale just the same. This is the kind of guy that wears his jeans with a cuff, and plays his guitar on flat on his lap. One you would swear "they don't make 'em like that anymore" except for the fact that they indeed do, and we are all lucky that they do.

We have reached the end my Funday compatriots, and just in time too. Now get on out of here you little scamps and go enjoy this Funday. Don't worry, I'll be here next week, just hope you come back too! See you then?

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Woman Takes Wrong Turn, Accidentally Wins Marathon

Meredith Fitzmaurice did not plan on winning the Run For Heroes Marathon this past Sunday, but she did anyway. The elementary school teacher, who happens to enjoy long distance running, planned on only running half the marathon as training for a trip to her first full marathon in Detroit. However, when she accidentally took a wrong turn during the race she ended up running the whole 26.2 miles after all.


In talking to the Portsmedia News the Ontario native had this to say about the mixup:

"I just run with my watch, so I was watching my time since I planned to do my half in under 1:28. But I'm looking at the time and wondering where the finish line is."

As it turns out, somewhere along the way Fitzmaurice entered the full marathon course on accident and kept on going. Something kept her going though, when she saw that no other women were ahead of her.
"Once I realized what I had done, I figured, well I'll just run 20 miles and use it as a long run and call it a day. I had only ever run 20 miles, but I think at that point the adrenalin just pulled me through."

High fives and cheers from the crowd of onlookers spurred her on and propelled her right into the finish line with a first among female runners overall time of 3:11:48. Not too shabby, for a mistake attempt.

"If I knew I was going to be running the full marathon I probably wouldn't have ran so fast," Fitzmaurice said. "So maybe it was a good thing."

With her great time Fitzmaurice can now plan to skip Detroit and go straight to the race she was working towards all along: The Boston Marathon.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zach Galifianakis Gives Justin Bieber A Verbal And Physical Spanking

The latest installment in the long-running and hilarious Funny Or Die interview series Between Two Ferns has hit the Internet, and the ever ridiculous host Zach Galifianakis has the one and only Bieber himself. Finally Galifianakis has the chance to ask the young entertainer the questions that the terrible entertainment reporters wouldn't dare, and then spank him. As always (in case you are unfamiliar with the show) Bieber is in on the joke, but that doesn't make it any less funny.

Not saying I am one of them, but man a whole lotta people would die to be in this position.

Galifianakis confronts Biebs on all the bad things he has been doing the past few months. From saying Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, to pissing in a bucket inside of a restaurant, to driving recklessly trough LA in his hundred thousand dollar automobiles with his "punk" friends.

"You're too young to be smoking pot and pee-peeing in buckets and driving up and down on the highway fast," Galifianakis actually yells at Bieber at one point, before taking off his belt and spanking him. "You're not a child, and that's the point. So I can hit a grown man with a belt."


Check it out:

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You, Yes You, Can Buy Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home For Way More Than It's Worth

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with the late singer of Nirvana and a whole lot of cash laying around? If you happen to be one of these undoubtedly small in number individuals, you can be a part of something truly American. That is, the rampant greed and exploitation that only a nation built on capitalism can provide. Right in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final album In Utero, the late Kurt Cobain's mother Wendy O'Conner has put his Aberdeen, Washington childhood home on the market.

You can also buy this cigarette butt, you know, because he is famous.

The Associated Press described the house as "a 1923 structure with dingy carpeting, water-stained wooden shingles on some interior walls, and a recent coat of yellow paint." The home is so run down it has been appraised for less than $67,000 but O'Conner is asking for $500,000 because, you know, her son was famous and all.

Now for what we are all thinking, just what will that extra $443,000 get you? Some scribbling on the walls that Kurt wrote including "Communication Breakdown!" and band names like Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden, a mattress that reportedly belonged to Kurt, and a prime location. Walking distance to a riverfront park dedicated to the singer.


Cobain's sister Kim spoke to the AP about the decision to sell the house:

"We've decided to sell the home to create a legacy for Kurt, and yes, there are some mixed feelings since we have all loved the home and it carries so many great memories. But our family has moved on from Washington, and (we) feel it's time to let go of the home."

Hey it's not just a cash grab all the way through though, the family would be willing to turn the house into a museum if someone was interested. Rock on.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jimmy Fallon's Latest Lip Sync-Off Was Some Great Late Night Television

Oh Jimmy Fallon, you late night host you, how do you keep winning me over? Well, you keep doing things like what you did last night, when you invited guests Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant to join you in your second round of a Lip Sync-Off. Doubling the charm power of the first Lip Sync Battle which previously featured Fallon and John Krasinski facing off.

Perhaps I have been at times unfair to you and your show, but to be honest you definitely can be at times very non-funny. Irritating even, with your silly bits and "#hashtags,"but then you go and invite Justin Timberlake to do the history of rap, or play ridiculous games with stuffy celebrities who cannot help themselves but let loose.

Still don't think you should get the Tonight Show though, but neither should have Leno.

Last night was your latest foray into making some of that pop-culture moment magic with two great participators who effortlessly matched your "regular guy who happens to be famous" persona with charm and hilarity in Gordon-Levitt and Merchant.

The rules were simple, choose a song, and lip-sync the hell out of it. Whatever you do, don't actually sing, but perform the song like it is yours.  Boy did these guys deliver with renditions of "Tiny Dancer," "Take On Me," and of course the modern pop classic "Super Bass."

Having a bad day? Watch this video. In need of a laugh? Watch this video. Your day isn't complete until you have seen Stephen Merchant performing Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

Joseph and Jimmy were by no means slouches themselves, but for me Merchant stole the show. His opening number of throwback classic (yet obscure) DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's "Boom! Shake the Room."

Personally I would have gone with Naughty by Nature "Feel Me Flow," but that just comes down to a matter of taste. Cheers Fallon, you have done it again.

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The World Record Attempt For Most People Twerking Is Happening Today

Just like "The Twist" of the 50's, or "Grinding" from the wonderful 90's, twerking has become the de facto dance move of our modern age. Today history could be made, if the attempt to collect the most people simultaneously shaking their butts or "twerking," the most recent dance buzz, is successful. Miley Cyrus isn't even anywhere to be found either, I don't know how she would miss this.

Seriously, I was sure she was the one who organized this.
This record attempt was organized by New Orleans hip hop diva and "Queen of Sissy Bounce" Big Freedia, who has toured the country with a twerk team long before Miley took it to the big stage. Freedia's signature song is even called "Azz Everywhere" because it isn't a rap song without a "z" replacing an "s" in a word. Freedia also has a song called "Make Ya Booty Go."

Now Big Freedia wants to reclaim her crown atop the butt clapping throne by setting the Guinness World Record for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously," a feat that will be attempted in New York City's Herald Square any minute now.

The stunt will be filmed for Big Freedia's upcoming reality show (because of course it will) entitled Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, which debuts next week. However, since this is a Guinness sanctioned event, there are rules which are great:

1. Body must remain upright, with movement concentrated in hips
2. Participants can put hands on knees or hips for support
3. Twerking action cannot come from knees. Hips only!
4. Freestyling or additional choreography not permitted. No hands on the ground, feet in the air, twirling, etc.
5. Twerking action must be synchronized, can be at own pace
6. All participants must twerk simultaneously for TWO MINUTES when Big Freedia gives the signal 
7. Any performers who do not participate fully for the entire TWO MINUTES will be deducted from the final total

So if you are in NYC today, you know what you have to do.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There Is A Haunted House You Walk Through Naked

I wasn't aware haunted houses needed a gimmick, I thought that in of themselves they were a gimmick thing to do. I guess though like in any capitalist society, it can get hard out there with competition, and savvy haunted house owners need to find a way to stand out.

Believe me, somebody is getting scared when I get naked.
Pennsylvania's Shocktoberfest "premiere haunted scream park" is really trying to push the limits of reason with their newest idea. The all nude Haunted house revue. Don't even worry about soiling yourself if you get too scared, they thought of that already and hired someone to clean it up for you. For a small extra cleaning charge of course.

So let's recap, a house full of people dressed up as monsters along with many naked people who are soiling themselves in the dark. Now this is on the Internet, so I know for a fact there are people out there who will pay for this, they just probably aren't the kind of people the haunted house is looking for. Anyway, here are the details:

Naked and Scared Challenge 
Think you’re brave? Experience The Unknown haunted house with ZERO protection! We dare you to take the Naked and Scared Challenge only at Shocktoberfest!
Inspired by the hit show “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery channel, Shocktoberfest has created The Naked and Scared Challenge to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level. For the first time ever you can now experience the Unknown Haunted House totally naked! See if you have Gymnophobia- the fear of being nude. Naked and Scared tickets are limited. Online ticket purchase recommended.Procedure and Disclaimer 
Procedure: The Naked and Scared Challenge allows participants to go through the Unknown Haunted House Nude or Prude (either totally nude or with underwear). It takes place at the end of the night after all customers have gone through the attraction. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a waiver. Participants undress in a semi-private preshow building, experience the Unknown Haunted House, and then exist into a semi-private fenced courtyard where they will get dressed. Participants are never in view of minors or non-participating customers. Naked and Scared Challenge is not offered on Sundays. 
Disclaimer: Shocktoberfest has created this experience so their customers can explore a new level of fear. This is about fear and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. This is not about sex. No sexual misconduct, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.*Please note there is an additional cleaning charge if we scare the p*ss out of you!

Don't want to get naked yourself but still want some nudity in your haunted house? Don't worry, because this is America and you can get whatever strange fetish thrill that you want. Take a trip instead to NYC's Blackout Haunted House, where only the people who scare you are naked.

Whatever you decide, watch who you take to these naked affairs, make sure they aren't clingy. Or you might end up with a knee jerk reaction like this:

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Watch What Happens When A $400,000 Lamborghini Gets Into A Violent Accident

It turns out that when you buy a car that costs nearly half a million dollars and can most definitely end your life much easier than most others, the people that make it tend to have an eye for safety as well as high performance luxury. When a Lamborghini Aventador, the companies newest flagship model, experiences a violent crash the front part of the car, known as the safety cell separates from the rest of the car in an attempt to save the driver's life. What it doesn't do is calmly in a smooth robotic voice remind you that even though you may wish you are dead after trashing your outrageously expensive ride, you'll soon realize that life going on is much better than the alternative. Although, I am pretty sure Lamborghini is probably working on that feature.

I hope the voice sounds like RoboCop. 
The safety system of this car came into play recently on the streets of Brooklyn, where the supercar was taken down by an unassuming sedan in a violent accident, conveniently in front of some cameras that captured the event. The safety cell did it's job in a surprising display of modern safety equipment, and in talking about Lamborghinis we are pretty much talking about the pinnacle of modern engineering. That thing is a spaceship on road tires.

As you can see in the video below, the sedan is attempting to turn onto a street or driveway when it clips the Lambo. Witnesses to the accident described the Aventador as "traveling at a high rate of speed" which isn't too clear in the video but is very likely.

What is easy to see is that the person driving the sedan made a poor choice in judgment when they decided to turn in front of the Lamborghini. The safety cell did it's thing and reduced the energy of the accident by detaching from the rest of the car. If only it could help reduce the shock of the following bill from the driver. Again, they're probably working on something for that.

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Hilarious Crazy Guy Trolls Rich Men In Sports Cars For Your Pleasure

"You're driving top down! God's a pimp! You're an angel! I pray that I may die for you!" Connor O'Malley is many things, a comedian, citizen journalist, but most of all it can be said he is an expensive car enthusiast to a huge degree. He showcases this love however, in a very interesting way, through his Vine account. He doesn't just find videos of exotic cars themselves, but also the usually middle aged rich guys behind the wheel, and then, he likes to "talk" to them. Here, just see for yourself. 

He really loves SL550's. 

Sometimes though, the SL550's don't like him though.

Sometimes, the SL's are even scared. Kind of rightfully so.

Here he is having an egalitarian discussion with this Ferrari driver.

A discussion on diversity in one of the most multicultural places in our nation.

Sometimes, things get weird.

O'Malley, keep it up. You are singlehandedly making Vine a better place. I am not sure if this is your character or if you are just actually crazy, but either way it is pretty fun. Keep on accosting those rich men with screams of "Oh, hell yeah pimp, let you forever always reign in blood!"

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Funday: You Like Fun, I Like Fun, Let's Look At Videos

Whoa! A big hello to all you Funday lovers out there, we got a great Funday this week folks coming right from you. Your local and loyal emcee is here once again to try and put some pep in that step before you get down to watching football/doing whatever you do on a Funday. So right here live and direct I'll be coming at that face every single Funday, because you, you all deserve it. Especially you girl.

Boom. Flipped it on you.
Let's get to business.



In all honesty, all of MGMT's weird psychedelia and wackiness I could usually do without. What I can enjoy however, is Omar AKA Michael K. (the K stands for KICKASS) Williams smoking people like the bad motha he is. Let's just make a full movie of that, with this exact wardrobe, it's about time he got some starring roles.

Bass Drum of Death

Making a video that looks like a 70's exploitation film starring a bad as hell kid. That's a good idea for a music video. Adding a super cool song soundtrack to said video from your fucking rad band, this enhances your already good idea. This is how you make music videos, it's that easy. Just have an idea that involves the 70's, and make sure to be a totally rad band.


The year is currently 2013. This is a fun and exciting punk rock video, made in the year 2013. What more convincing do you need to press play?


For many years I worked at a music venue, and it was amazing. People always ask me though about crazy stories from bands that would come through, and for the most part things were pretty tame, not too many assholes. Except the one time Beyonce brought her little sister to our backstage, I won't get into details but Solange was a total nightmare. Keep in mind this was before she was famous in her own right. So I made it a point to ignore her music, however she has finally won me over. How? She has Bun B dancing in her video. If you can get Bun B to dance in your video, you cannot possibly be all bad.



Dad's of the world, I am sorry but you will never be this cool. Even if you are, you didn't think of this first, so you lose anyway. Thanks for giving kids a father though, that's still pretty great.

Inside Grand Theft Auto

On the 17th of this month Rockstar Games finally released Grand Theft Auto 5, their highly anticipated sequel to their flagship franchise. In three days the game accumulated $1 billion in sales, absolutely shattering any records and making it the highest selling piece of entertainment of all time. Now look at their beginning, way back in 1996 when they began thanks to this fascinating BBC news clip.

Louie CK on Phones

Listen I won't waste your time reiterating how great Louis CK is, we all know by now. It's these pitch perfect moments where phones become an existential look on life and being alone, who else can think of that and simultaneously make it so funny and so crushingly honest. No one.

Everyday Products You Are Using Wrong

God dammit Internet, quit making me feel like a stupid idiot. Or I guess I could say thanks for helping me out yet again.

That's all people. Another Funday in the history books. Enjoy your week, you have to, its autumn now and that is a time for happiness. Hey even if you don't, I'll be here next week with another Funday for you with an apple cider in one hand and a pumpkin beer in the other. See you then.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homeless Man Who Returned $40,000 Rewarded With Over $70,000

A few days ago I wrote about a Boston area homeless man who after finding a backpack containing nearly $40,000 in cash and traveler's checks, helped return the bag to it's rightful owner. It seemed that was the end of the story, another Good Samaritan doing the right thing, even when the windfall of a find like that could have helped him dramatically. However, thanks to other equally great people, his good deed will not go unrewarded.

In addition to receiving a special citation from the Boston police (which does nothing to help his financial situation) the man, Glen James, stands to receive upwards of $70,000. All thanks to a man from Virginia named Ethan Whittington, who after reading the story which touched him, started an Internet fundraiser. Thinking the least he could do was raise a few hundred dollars to thank James for his selflessness.

Turns out a few hundred turned into a bunch of thousands.

Just 24 hours later Whittington's GoFundMe page managed to raise over $55,000 in thanks to some donations from 2,000 strangers. And the numbers just keep rising.

Whittington has now adjusted the goal to $250,000, of which $70,000 has been raised by 3,000 stranger donators. He hopes to raise enough to give James the money to buy himself a house and get off the streets.

Whittington yesterday updated the site after speaking to James:

He told me with the amount of money he has received on the streets over the past few days, he was able to open a bank account. We discussed how he would like to receive the money and what he would like to use it for. We want to be very careful how this amount of money is handed over. He was up for the idea of having some guidance on what to do with this amount of money. He said he would like a week to think about it, and in the meantime, I will speak with a few financial folks to see how we can help him in a way that will positively influence the rest of his life.

Whittington's sights are also past the immediate concern of getting James off the streets. "I feel like, if everybody could come together and create one goal like we've done for Glen, why stop with him?" he asked rhetorically. "Why can't we influence more people?"

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Man Makes "McEverything" At McDonald's For $140

Have you ever had the red blooded American dream of making one giant sandwich out of a bunch of other sandwiches? Of course, right? Well, good news for you is that if you go to McDonald's you can make your own for the low price of $140.33. That's exactly what Nick from food blog DudeFoods did,  fulfilling what has been "number one" on his bucket list for the past few years.

Nothing says delicious like combining a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and a McGriddle.

Counting the breakfast sandwiches, there were all told 43 different sandwiches included in the heart attack inducing masterpiece. Also, to insure success of the McEverything, precise timing was needed:

Since I wanted to include both breakfast and lunch sandwiches as part of the McEverything I showed up about 30 minutes prior to the end of breakfast service just to give the workers enough time to assemble all the breakfast sandwiches before the menu switched over to lunch. They were also able to ring everything up all on one receipt as well, so I didn’t have to place two orders which was nice.

How did he hold it all together? "Lots and lots" of bamboo skewers. The worst part though, aside from the ridiculous nature of the thing is this:

Now, I know that some of you are probably reading this right now and thinking to yourself “Man, what kind of idiot spends $143 on 43 McDonald’s sandwiches?” The way I see it though is that with all the leftovers I have I’ve got all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners covered for the next week or so!

Yep, he is going to be eating leftover McDonald's sandwiches for a week. Actually though, that could be in itself an interesting experiment, which foodstuffs will be the most appetizing?  Although I would bet money that they all lose.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stephen Colbert Once Again Has The Best Response To Stupid Americans

Some people were happy when recently the first Indian-American woman was crowned Miss America in a pageant which is historically associated with the kind of white-washing that makes it seem stuck in the 1950's. The beautiful Nina Davuluri, could at least, proud of her title symbolizing progression for our country and the pageant itself.

However, this was lost on many Americans, who took to the platform of choice for hyperbole, ignorance, racism, and hate-Twitter, to decry Davuluri's victory. Proclaiming her, of course, to be an Un-American Muslim Terrorist.


Naturally, much has been said in the wake of this ignorance. Especially surrounding many American's idea that we live in a "post-racial" society now because our President happens to be non-white. Naturally though, as only he can, Stephen Colbert had something to say about the knee jerk, xenophobic reaction, and what do you know he nailed it.

In case you missed the show last night, Colbert pretty deftly summed up the argument against Davuluri in one sentence:

"705 people [who tweeted out the phrase "Miss America Terrorist"] saw a woman in a bikini and thought, Muslim Extremist."

Even he couldn't stop from laughing, check it out below:

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

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Irrational Fears Become Real As Spooky Clown Terrorizes Town

Well it has finally happened people, I hope that you have done your homework watching horror movies, because the Gates of Hell have opened and spewed forth their demons onto our unsuspecting streets. All hope is lost. At least as much is true for a very unfortunate Northampton, England, where the residents are currently living in fear of a "spooky clown" of unknown origin.

First thing's first, where is Tim Curry? It's probably Tim Curry.

The local police have issued a warning following multiple sightings of the nightmare on earth, and two hashtags have been created on Twitter to try and track the clown.

A Facebook page claiming to be associated with the Northampton Clown has debunked several rumors related to the "stunt." Including that it is being perpetrated by teenagers, is a stunt for a popular scare attraction Dr. Fright's Night, or that it is part of a mockumentary about a local town clown. No one as of yet has ruled out that the clown is a demon from another dimension who has come to feast upon children from the sewers. Just pointing that out.

Just a suggestion, shoot him. If he dies, good. If not, well then you know you have a real problem.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon has spurred the community to take action into it's own hands. A mild mannered citizen has dubbed himself The Clown Catcher, thereby becoming the world's most specific superhero.

Somebody get ahold of Tim Curry for god's sake!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guys Prank Friend By Replacing All Tap Water In His Home With Beer

Now here is a prank I can get behind, one where everyone wins. A group of clever guys in New Zealand decided that they should put their specific skills to use and "help" their friend by getting rid of all that awful water in his house, and replace it all with beer flowing from hidden kegs in the floorboards. They then of course would record this and the reaction through a series of hidden cameras. Prompting the owner of the house to come out looking like this after he takes a shower:

"D'you guyzzz drink any of that shower water? It's deeelisshus."

Some savvy internet video viewers immediately after watching the video thought it too good to be true and that the prank was actually an ad for Auckland based beer brewer Tui. Shortly after a Tui spokesperson did indeed confirm that the prank was sponsored by the brand, but insisted that all the men were "legit mates" who "constantly play pranks on each other." Most importantly, that the reactions are all real.

Also, the men involved weren't paid by the company and did all the setting up of the prank by themselves. As you can see below, that took some dedication and skill, and who can knock that level of commitment to hilariousness?

So check the video out, you'll like it, unless you happen to hate fun.

Drink up.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

This Three Minute Thai Commercial Puts Full Length Hollywood Films To Shame

After what might be one of the most financially ruinous summers in Hollywood movie history after giant flop gave way to even more massive bombs, the state of the movie industry in America can be easily summed by watching a three minute commercial.

How the sign would look if accurately portraying the state of things.

This ad, produced in Thailand for a fraction of the cost of any Hollywood production, is more poignant and touching than most things spewed forth from the massive money machine of today's film industry.

The telecommunications giant based in Thailand named True, is getting rave reviews for it's most recent spot, entitled "Giving." The ad tells the story of a man who is unexpectedly rewarded after a lifetime of good deeds he performed, without expecting anything in return.

The company says it "believes in the power of giving without expecting a return." That would probably mean a lot if they were to give their services away for free, they are however, not gonna do that.

What the company may lack in committing to it's own philosophy though, it sure makes up for in some inspirational advertising.

Check it out:

Now go do something nice for someone, would you?

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Homeless Man Returns Bag Of Cash To Best Buy Employee

Turns out that you can really find a Good Samaritan anywhere, even in those who don't have a home for themselves. When what would start out to be a gesture of goodwill would ultimately raise some bizarre questions.

Is Best Buy handing out bags of cash to employees?

A homeless man found a backpack filled with a large sum of money, traveler's checks, and a passport outside of a Dorchester, Massachusetts mall on Saturday and instead of easily keeping the money and checks, turned it over to police.

He alerted Boston police in front of the South Bay mall and handed over the bag filled with $2,400 in cash $39,500 in traveler's checks, and a Republic of China passport. The man, according to the police, could only give them his name and the name of the shelter he was staying at.

The officers notified the mall security over the find and were contacted later in the evening by a Best Buy employee who claimed he had lost a backpack. The passport turned out to belong to the employee, so eventually the backpack was returned to him.

Now for the question that undoubtedly just arised. Why would an employee of Best Buy be carrying over $40,000 to work? That is still unclear, but probably the real story here.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Funday: You Know We Have The Best Of The Internet Coming At You

Hello! I know that you know what time it is you wonderful people you, that's right, it is another glorious Funday we get to share together. No rush, just when ever you feel like you need to get out of bed is fine. Funday will be waiting for you. Have yourself a nice breakfast, let some sunlight in your room, and put a smile on that good looking face. You made it through another week, and here we are again on your day of enjoyment. This time there was even a Friday the 13th, and look at you, you didn't even get scared. Isn't that right?

You bet your ass it is.
 We have a great Funday for everyone, so let's not waste anymore time and get to business.


Kings of Leon

That's it, I officially give up. For the past three weeks now I have been trying to keep up my policy of not featuring covers when there are every week so many good original songs. For the past three weeks I have failed. I give up folks, because again this week I just couldn't resist. Kings of Leon recently appeared on BBC Radio 1 and decided to cover, of all people the dance music wonder Robyn. What they did with her already great song is nothing short of magical.

Arcade Fire

From the very first time I heard this band I was in love, they were so strange, so otherworldly, like they had stepped out of a portrait from the 18XX's with their Herdy Gerdy and almost Amish aesthetic. Then they threw me for a loop and put out Neon Bible, becoming one of the biggest bands in the world. Would I have ever guessed that could have happened? No, but did it surprise me, nope, not at all. They are back again to I am sure slap me upside my head with something fresh and unlike anything they have made before.

Blood Orange

Even if you didn't know the story behind singer Dev Hyne's first visit to his mother's Guyanese town, and the delightfully heart crushing meeting of a grown man with his own grandfather for the first time. The visuals and just delightful scenery could alone grab your attention and refuse to let it go. Oh and Dev's dancing? Just perfect, absolutely perfect.


I know I already featured his new song a few weeks ago, but hey there is a video now, and it is pretty damn great. I mean are you really gonna complain? Eminem by now is like ice cream, pretty much every one likes it and if you don't you get some strange stares. Also, ice cream makes everything better, so does a music video from Eminem featuring the god himself Rick Rubin. I'll go ahead and say it right now, if there is a avideo with Rick Rubin in it, I will post it every time.


It is quite a thing to create a video that can be simultaneously so uplifting and utterly devastating. When asked to describe the inspiration for this song the singer-songwriter had this to say: "This one is just like, ‘We’re just two fucking kids who had fucking bad luck.’ We both grew up in horrible circumstances where basically you grow up in like an hour because of this one thing that happened and then you’re never the same … and it’s sad that it happens.”


Segway Fails

Not to sound like a dick, but let's face it, Segways are terrible. They haven't replaced walking like people claimed, they haven't revolutionized our society, they just make people look like assholes. Especially when they inevitably go out of control and wipe out in exceedingly hilarious ways.


Before this genius idea inevitably gets destroyed by the corporate evil that ultimately destroys most beneficial inventions for society in the name of staying the profit winners, check out the only phone you will ever need to buy. With it's lego-like ability to switch out components, Dave Hakkens has just created the smartest smartphone ever. Think about that next time you shell out hundreds for a new phone that will shatter like glass when you sneeze on it.

Citi Bike BMX

BMX legend Tyrone Williams shows all the haters once and for all that they are indeed wrong about Citi Bikes. He gets every damn penny out of his $9.95.

Modern Monty Python

We have all seen the great editing minds of the Internet turn out their own trailers for movies that entirely change the tone and genre for a film often to hilarious effect. Whether it be turning The Shining into a warm family film, or The Hangover into a horror film. However, this one takes the cake, turning Monty Python's classic Holy Grail film into a modern action movie. I don't know what is funnier, seeing all the hilarious scenes misrepresented, or how ridiculous action trailer tropes have become.

We did it! Another one in the bag you lovely Funday fans! See you next week, now go enjoy some football!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

These Striking And Violent Photos Show Vintage Crime On Today's New York Streets

New York City, one place in the world where the sentiment, "the more things change...the more they stay the same" can be spoken without irony or sarcasm.  As the city is poised to for the first time in 12 years elect a new mayor other than Michael Bloomberg, the usual reminiscing that goes along with such an event has begun to surface. To reflect on how the mayor changed the city while he was in control. However, these visually stunning photos of vintage, gruesome crimes which have recently surfaced show the crimes of the past juxtaposed against the cleanliness of the modern Bloomberg NYC.

On March 19th, 1942 Edna Egbert fought with police after she climbed on to her Dean Street ledge in Brooklyn

Photographer and historian Marc Hermann of the New York Press Photographers Association, has deftly recreated this haunting compositions like a real time Noir film playing out through the various neighborhoods of the city. He meticulously searched the archives of the New York Daily News to find the historic crime scenes, and matched them to photos of the present day locations.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the pictures is how much the landscape in fact hasn't changed, in the case of some of the photos, in more than 70 years. The areas have subtle changes, but in effect remain almost untouched, holding the memories of their past in silence as stone and mortar sentinels. Additionally, the addition of the scenes with the constance of present day New York life around it somehow desensitizes the violence in a small part by removing some of the past context surrounding the crime.

Documenting all of the aspects of a city is a part of reporting on it, even the graphic crime, yet Hermann has heard plenty of reactions from readers who object to the portrayal of such scenes. His comment:

"People seem to have righteous indignation in the comments section of news stories when we show tragic scenes as they occur today. I often remind people that a victim in 1943 is the same as a victim in 2013, and today's photographers are making an important record of history that will, with the passage of time, be regarded as 'classic."

In fact part of the point of these images is Hermann's own attempt to illustrate the timelessness of human suffering, and the artwork/story he has achieved will definitely make them hard to forget.

Warning, these photos are graphic in nature and NSFW. 

Gangster Salvatore Santoro lies dead in a Brooklyn doorway on January 31st, 1957.

Frankie Yale, another gangster, shot dead by a drive by in Brooklyn in 1928.

A streetlight smashed by a stolen car at the corner of Classon Avenue and Pacific Street, Brooklyn, 1957.

Three-year-old Martha Cartegena was tragically killed while riding her tricycle in 1959 Brooklyn.

United Airlines Flight 826 and Trans World Airlines Flight 266 collided in 1960 over Park Slope in Brooklyn,  killing 130 people.

In 1958, a fatal fire broke out at the Elkins Paper & Twine Company on Wooster Street in SoHo, burning the building to the ground.

January 31st, 1961, a gas explosion shattered this Court Street facade in Brooklyn.

James Linares with his girlfriend after being shot to death by her husband in the Bronx, 1961.

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Man Arrested After Threesome Becomes Twosome

31 year old Antone Jenkins of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was arrested not once but twice in the same day for domestic violence charges after a having a threesome with his girlfriend...and her cousin. That's gotta be one of the most ridiculous first sentences to an article I have ever had the pleasure of writing.

Goes something like that right?

Jenkins, his girlfriend, and the cousin woke up Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and couldn't think of anything else to do, so they decided to have a threesome together. Jenkins however, (somehow) became angry after the "act" when the two women (who are cousins let me remind you) continued without him. Then, being the piece of garbage that he is, Jenkins tried to pull his girlfriend off the bed by her hair and repeatedly struck her in the face and head.

Why don't you go ahead and get that "Born Loser" tattoo on your neck. You deserve it.

After being arrested and released on bond, Jenkins went right back to the scene of his crime and allegedly assaulted his girlfriend again and took her car and phone. He was arrested soon after and is currently being held in a Horry county facility.

Perhaps it is time for a breakup.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

'Breaking Bad' Is Coming To An End, Better Call Saul As AMC Preps Spin-Off

In a somewhat exciting but also strange bit of news, as Breaking Bad moves ever so close to finishing up it's amazing run, AMC is moving forward with a spinoff of the show.  With a tentative title of Better Call Saul, the plans are to produce a one hour prequel starring the fan favorite character of Saul Goodman (played by the great Bob Odenkirk) before he ever became Walt and Jessie's lawyer.

This comes as an exciting but bittersweet news to fans of the show, with many proclaiming, "I don't want a new puppy, I want my old dog back!" As the announcement only re-iterates the all too soon finality of the series finale.

Although, if there ever was a character that deserved his own show...

Breaking Bad writer-producer Peter Gould is set to run the effort as he is responsible for Saul's creation in season 2. Series creator Vince Gilligan is also on board and helped conceive the spinoff with Gould.  Odenkirk himself has already noted that he would "do it in a second" when asked about reprising the role. Once all the deals are finalized, which is currently an ongoing process, a series will be produced.

Like Bad, the series will be produced by Sony and is set to air on AMC, although many other big distributors are set to pick up the series if plans should fall through, including Netflix.

The move comes as AMC is struggling to keep viewers for it's newest show Low Winter Sun, as many as 50 percent of Breaking Bad watchers tune out after the 10p.m. cutoff, not sticking around to watch the slow boiling crime drama.  Following the cancellation of The Killing, and the network losing Mad Men next year, the spinoff couldn't come at a better time. It will, if everything works out, join the plans of two other new shows coming to the network: the 1980s computer drama Halt & Catch Fire, and the period piece Turn. 

The character of Saul Goodman originally appeared in 2009's episode "Better Call Saul," in which Walt and Jesse hired the flamboyant but criminally smart Goodman after Badger was arrested selling crystal. From then on Goodman remained a fan favorite, and his cheesy commercials only helped to make the Bad universe all that more appealing.

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