Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Wednesday Internet Clip Dump

Hey folks, there isn't too much going on today, so the only thing I can do is to do what feels natural, and that is to show you a series of random videos I found today. It will be like a mini Funday to help you make it through the week. After all today is:

I hate myself for using this.
So now that I got that terrible joke out of the way let's go!

WorldStarHipHop Parody

If you have ever found yourself at the mercy of, then you know that staring into it's gaping maw of the often dregs of humanity can be taxing on your soul. Sure they have harmless rap videos, sexy lady videos, and some actual life affirming stuff. Most of it though, is garbage. This video captures perfectly in one minute the terrible parts of said website.

Parking Jerk Taught A Lesson

Sometimes in the parking lot of your workspace, it is required of regular people to take the parking law into their own hands. To become parking vigilantes, because the crimes committed make their actions, to quote a certain FX show, "justified." Like when an asshole decides to continue to double park everyday, what do you do? You do what these guys did, and then you film him learning his lesson.

Adorable Baby Lays Down Law

Get ready for a melted heart condition, because you are about to see quite possibly the world's most adorable baby, who may be the physical embodiment of Boo from Monsters Inc. lay down the law on her Daddy. It is all fun and games until the impossibly cute baby has had enough.

Hillbilly and Raccoon Dance

Now for the showstopper, the finisher. I guarantee this video will make you feel great. It is so hard to even pick a best part, as this self-styled hillbilly has a great time on his porch thanks to his animal buddy and a little help from Aretha. This guy is gonna be famous, if even for one day. Show this video to people, it will make their week better.

So there you go, a little video appetizer, a little taste for your parched YouTube cortex of your brain. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Even The Mailboxes In Japan Are Cool

Most of the mailboxes in Japan are the same, wither red or red/orange. However, like many things within the country, some that can be found if looking, are works of art.

Here is what the Japanese equivalent of a regular US blue mailbox looks like:

Here is what they used to look like, similar to the mailboxes of Great Britain:

However, just like in America there are some interesting mailboxes as well, that can be found all over the country. They brighten up the common urban environments with a little bit of panache. Some of the boxes are for tourists, some for important events or anniversaries, and some are just for fun.

Check out some of the standout examples:

So there you have it, your move America, your move.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Returns Home To Find Giant Mysterious KFC Bucket Outside Door

It is not everyday that you return to your home, only to find a completely mysterious, 7-foot tall KFC bucket sitting outside your door. That is because your life isn't as cool as Aleena Headrick's. That is exactly what she found when she arrived at her house in Waynesboro, Georgia.

"I was driving by, I saw this giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in my yard, and I though for sure I was hallucinating," she told her local NBC affiliate, "so I called my teenagers who were at home and had them go outside."

Sure enough, giant chicken bucket.

Headrick found the whole appearance just as hilarious as it sounds. As many would do, she took a picture of the giant container and posted it to her Facebook account, and in the age of the Internet we live in, it wasn't very long before people showed up to check it out. Headrick, naturally began flirting with the idea of getting a giant container of mashed potatoes to compliment the bucket.

How did the bucket get there? Had some sort of giant finished his meal and casually littered on Ms. Headrick's lawn?

You know, like this. Only for a giant!

Sadly, the answer is much more simple

Headrick rents her house from a man named Freddie Taylor, who himself collects old signs. He purchased the bucket and had it placed on his property, which Headrick currently occupies.

"That bucket right there, if you notice it, it doesn't say KFC. It says Kentucky Fried Chicken," Taylor said. "That bucket's probably forty years old."

Taylor plans to display the bucket outside of Headrick's house, but she doesn't seem to mind. Why he wants to do this is not clear. However Headrick is taking it all in stride.

"It's unusual, but it makes really good landmarks when people come to our house," she said. "You can just say come on down to the giant KFC bucket and turn right."

Alright Headrick, you got jokes. Good on ya. Now if only the bucket was filled with giant chicken, I feel this needed to be said. We were all thinking it.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Like A Movie: Thief Steals $50 Million In French Riviera Heist

Eat your heart out movie thieves of the world, because this past Sunday a real life brazen heist has put you all to shame. One thief holding a gun stole $50 million in jewelry during a crazy heist in Cannes. So not only did he pull off a cool heist (everybody knows jewelry heists are cool,) but also in a cool city.

France makes heists cooler, it is a fact.

Wearing a baseball cap and scarf, the robber entered a diamond exhibition in the Carlton InterContinental Hotel, and in front of both security guards and guests took the jewels.

The prosecutors told French news:

"Everything happened very quickly and without violence"

If I were writing this as a movie script the next line would come from a grizzled French cop, who would say, "Sounds like a pro to me."

Investigators are still going through the exhibition's inventory, and the thief may have even stolen more than was initially reported.

In fact, it very well could be a pro doing this job, as only a few days ago a member of the infamous "Pink Panther" gang escaped from a Swiss prison, making him the third member to do so since May. The man, Milan Poparic, a Bosnian who was serving a 6 year term, escaped when two men drove civilian cars into a gate at the prison and opened fire on the guards with automatic weapons.

You know your gang is good when you get a cool nickname from the police.

The Pink Panthers are suspected of 340 robberies around the globe, stealing goods worth more than $436 million, according to Interpol. They got their (awesome) name after British police found a diamond hidden in a tub of face cream.

This latest theft could very well be at the hands of the formidable crew, and is an interesting one considering that this past May Cannes was the site of another high profile heist. Right in the middle of the world famous film festival.

Old ladies, clutch those pearls, and Frenchies hide those jewels, because somebody is coming for them, and it might just be a pro.

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Man Opens Nazi Cafe, Has No Idea Why People Are Upset

A cafe filled with Nazi memorabilia? Sound like a good idea to a man named Henry Mulyana, who just can't figure out why people are upset.

I have no idea how people could be upset ABOUT YOUR SWASTIKA SHIRT!

In 2011 the Indonesian businessman opened the SoldatenKaffee ("Soldier's Cafe") a restaurant which is filled with Nazi branded decor. After English language press recently discovered this establishment, Mulyana began to receive death threats and temporarily closed the restaurant. According to AFP, there are plans to reopen the restaurant with Allied memorabilia as well.

Mulyana's lawyer was quoted as saying:

"So there won't be only photos of Hitler, but Winston Churchill and Indonesian heroes too. There will be Japanese soldiers, not only German soldiers, and no swastikas."

There will still be pictures of Hitler.

According to Mulyana, the cafe is about "World War II pop culture." At a press conference he explained:

"It's war themed art that's neither an ideology, extremism, or idealism." 

Fuck this.
The website for the cafe goes even further, stating (copied entirely as-is):

Hitler & the Nazis in Pop Culture... Every Day! This WEB is not pro NAZI. It is matter of fact, with the intention of exploring Hitler & the NAZIS as pop culture Kaffee. The authors of the WEB are not NAZIS or neo-NAZIS, We are Indonesian with no political affiliations. The WEB & Kaffee are concept of World War 2 German and Collection.
We are Special Birthday Cake maker n Wedding Cake, We made by order who want a different thing from the other. Please dont be shy :) to contact US

Yes come one come all to get your very own Nazi themed cakes!

Jesus Christ.

The entire thing is absolutely unaware of the connotations, you can even read comments by Indonesian users who clearly are oblivious to the symbolism of the Nazi imagery.

"Indonesians didn’t have a traumatic experience with Nazism," said historian Zen Rachmat Sugito. "Nazism is a European taboo. There’s no Nazi-taboo in Indonesia, but it doesn’t mean we deny that the Holocaust happened."

This doesn't happen only in Indonesia, as I wrote about before, Nazi imagery pops up from time to time throughout Asia with people seemingly unaware of the weight these images carry.

Hey everybody in this photo, fuck you.

Come on Asia, don't be fucking assholes. Many of you would no doubt be upset if European establishments started flying the infamous Japanese Rising Sun flag from WWII, because of the horrible atrocities committed under it's banner throughout Asia. Then don't plaster your businesses with a fucking symbol of utter evil and hatred, which flew over the concentration camps responsible for perhaps the biggest genocide in the history of mankind.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fundays: Where We Check Out Cool Stuff Online

YOOOOOOOO! Strip down to your underwear and yell out to no one in particular that you "aren't doing shit today," because today is Funday and you got some videos to check out. I have been saving these all week as usual and also as usual the bounty of the Internet has again provided it's glorious fruit. So let's kick it and enjoy shall we?

God damn right.
Let's do it.


Riff Raff and Far East Movement

Starting off super strong with the best dude to have ever hit music/the internet. Yes that is right, the man known as Jody Highroller, Blueberry Jones, Cocaine Dawkins, and the one and only Butterscotch Boss. Yes I am talking about Riff Raff, and as always, he is back with another great video/song combo that succeeds in making my day all that much better with every viewing. Riff has collaborated with anybody who asks and this team up with Far East Movement only serves to make his brand of wonderful ridiculousness even better.

The Districts

You need to watch this video. You need to hear this song. Then you need to understand that these guys are still in high school, and be wowed by their talent and sound. We all remember high school talent shows and friends who wanted so deeply to be in a band, but not enough to learn their instruments. These guys are the exact antithesis of that kind of kid, and the fact that the video is of a live performance makes it all the more impressive. Don't forget this band's name, I guarantee you will see it again.

Kanye West

There are many things that are wrong with so called "true hip hop fans." So much so that I think I could  honestly write a book about their warped yearning for "the good ole days" and ridiculous insistence on lyricism or nothing when it comes to their genre. Or the fact that their sense of entitlement is so overblown that their constant assault on what makes the grade as "good" is hurting the genre more than the supposed "new generation" artists that they always attack. Recently this has been evident in the release of Yeezus, where fans irrationally believe they are entitled to an album of material like Kanye's old catalog. They forget that Kanye has never pandered to his fans, and always created the kind of album he wanted to make. Yeezus is a continuation of this, and you don't have to like it, because it is what he wanted to make. Anyway, watch the video, it is pretty cool.

Luke Temple

This is the kind of song I like to call a "heartbeat checker," because if by the end of it you aren't nodding your head, or tapping your foot, etc. then you are probably devoid of a pulse. This guy knows how to mix 80's nostalgia with an upbeat poppy dance type of track that will have your ears on high alert trying to catch each vocal sample, while at the same time listening deeply to the story the lyrics weave.

Washed Out

If you smoke weed on a daily basis, then boy do I have a music video for you! Even if you don't though this thing is still definitely worth watching. I mean it has animals, awesome animals filmed in such a close up high def way that you will flip your wig at how fucking great nature is. I mean it has a fucking Toucan, a mother fucking Toucan! If you don't like a Toucan, then I don't know what is wrong with you.


105 Impressions

Look, I think impressions are stupid. Even when people can do them really good, they are still just someone trying to be funny by parodying someone else, this is lame. However, doing 105 of them in just over 6 minutes? Okay you won me over. Quinto Kappel does characters, celebrities, and bascially anything with a voice, it is pretty cool.

True Facts About The Owl

I promise I will stop putting these on Funday, when they stop being funny. Until then, enjoy another true facts episode about the wonderful owl, who is really just biding it's time so that it can rip your eyes out with it's razor sharp talons.

SNL Breaking Character

Internet supercuts are all the rage right now, but I'll be damned if you find one as funny as this. With a little help from Kurtis Blow, these are the breaks. That is, a supercut of many times where SNL legends just cannot for the life of them keep it together. You won't be able to either. By the way RIP Phil Hartman, people just don't say that enough. Also, fucking keep it together Fallon, for one sketch, JESUS! You can't do it, can you?

Parkour Robot

Sure, week after week I keep posting on Funday a new type of amazing robot that can run, traverse obstacles, and perform like never before. Sure this all is impressive and interesting, that man has been able to use nature to create a machine that is capable of these things. This is all great until you find your skull being crushed under the weight of the emotionless new robot overlord who has killed your whole family with lasers of some sort and proceeded to with his robot brethren run down and hunt any human left on earth. I am moving to the woods.

10 Summer Life Hacks

I don't need to tell you it is hot outside. You can feel it when your hair spontaneously combusts every time you step out the threshold of your home. Just take these 10 important tips, and maybe you will survive another season.

That's it for another successful Funday people. Tune in next week for more ridiculous visuals, and good tunes. It will be there for you, I don't have anything else to do.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Lincoln Memorial Closed After Vandals Are Jerks

U.S. Park Police were forced to close the Lincoln Memorial today after vandals threw green paint on the statue and floor of the monument.

Surveillance cameras are placed on both the left and right sides of the monument, but it remains unclear if footage of the perpetrators has been captured. It is also unclear who would, other than some comic book level stereotypical punk kids, would want to vandalize the memorial to one of the most important, and frankly beloved figures in American history.

Come on, not Honest Abe! Jefferson maybe, but not Abe!
A random passerby had this to say to NBC:

"I have no idea who would want to do something like that. To me, it's defacing America. It's not just defacing the Lincoln Memorial, but it's something against all of America."

Cleaning crews were called in this morning, but it is unclear when the memorial might be open to the public again.

What a bunch of dicks.

Perhaps though the cause of the vandalism is being misappropriated. Perhaps the green "paint" isn't paint at all. In fact, I know of one individual who is prone to mischief, and just so happens to leave a green slime wherever he goes.

Loves mischief, definitely hates Presidents. We may have our suspect.

Just trying to stay objective here, cover all the possible suspects.

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Lobsters Have Become Ruthless Cannibal Savages

As part of an experiment, Noah Oppenheim, a marine biologist graduate student at the University of Maine, attached a waterproof, infrared camera to the head of a juvenile lobster. As the night approached, he began to get a firsthand experience of the horrors of the deep, a sight which cannot be unseen, lobsters eating lobsters.

All across the depths of Maine, lobsters are turning to their younger brethren for supper. Oppenheim was even able to calculate that any small lobsters with in view of the camera were in fact 90% more likely to be eaten by another lobster rather than some other predator. It is unclear if the camera wielding lobster was itself eaten for documenting the event, but what is clear is that it is a nightmare down there.

Turns out this is not very far from reality.

Oppenheim says that this is the first time that researchers have seen lobster cannibalism so rampant in the wild. Lobsters are known to eat each other in captivity, hence the rubber banded claws you see in your local supermarket and seafood restaurant tanks. Basically lobsters don't care, after all they have been around for 139 million years, they are gonna fucking survive. Closest friend? Don't care eating you. Mate in the wild? Don't care, eating the hell out of you.

The Climate Desk has some facts about what could be driving these lobsters to post apocalyptic storylines. First, lobsters are making bigger better lobsters. Warmer water allows lobsters to grow larger and produce larger offspring. The last decade in Maine has shown some of the warmest waters on record. Second, their predators have been overfished leaving more lobsters hanging around as a potential meal, rather than the usual food of cod, herring, or "groundfish."

I think they just finally figured out that they taste delicious, and are following suit.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do Not Hide Three Million Dollars in Gold in Your Butt, People Will Find It

For many years people have been smuggling things in their asses, but it has been years since a butt has seen this much action and pure value. Alleged criminals made their butts millionaires when they tried, and failed, to smuggle $3 million in gold where the sun don't shine.

Insert your best pirate's gold booty joke here.
According to news site Xinhua, South Korean customs officials have grabbed nine Taiwanese nationals who were allegedly smuggling 134 pounds worth of gold. Hiding it in that old go to human cavity, their butts. As you can see above, the small bars were valued around $3 million total, good thing the South Korean officers had plenty of gloves with them.

The smugglers are accused of moving the gold through the Gimhae International Airport in Busan, South Korea numerous times.

The man at the backend (rimshot please) of the operation is a 47-year old Taiwanese man with the surname of "Zhou." Zhou would allegedly recruit smugglers or "mules" by simply asking them if they "wanted to go on a trip to Seoul." After the mules smuggled the gold into the country, they would then drop off the goods at a subway station in Seoul for another member of the outfit to pick up, hopefully they would bring glove with them as well.

In the future, make sure to wash your gold jewelry, you don't know where it's been!

Xinhua has reported that since May the smuggling group is believed to have managed to smuggle gold into South Korea on eleven different occasions. This was accomplished by dividing their stash into 270 pieces of 8 oz. small gold bars. If anything the Taiwanese smugglers can claim they have had the most bling bling butts the world has ever known.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

College Student Sends Letter To Nirvana For Homecoming Message, Has No Clue About Nirvana

A no doubt ignorant college student, who may or may not ever have read about music on the Internet has sent a letter to Sub-Pop Records, Nirvana's one-time record label, asking if the band, which has been broken up for close to a decade following the suicide of singer Kurt Cobain, would be kind enough to record a Homecoming Week message for her school.

Are you serious?

Let's take a second and reiterate that, while also giving you a minute to let that sink in. One of the most influential and iconic bands in the history of music, partly achieving this height given the tragic suicide and some would say subsequent martyrdom of their incredibly popular singer (which also happened to be one of the biggest news stories of the 1990's) has somehow managed to be unknown to a member of a generation defined by their mastery of Internet information.

She identifies herself as a the mascot for Virginia Tech, and is supposedly running for homecoming queen, and according to Sub Pop, believes that a video message from Nirvana would help her chances in the running.

According to the coed, it would be a mutually beneficial event, as the video would be "great publicity" for the band, and would allow the band to be included in a lineup that features Slightly Stoopid, Big N Rich, and The Ying Yang Twins.

All Nirvana has to do is film their part on a short iPhone video saying something like:

What’s up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS GO HOKIES! 

Since Nirvana really is in no position to respond, Sub Pop has posted on their Tumblr that they are "dressed up and obliged" and the video will be forthcoming. What it will be is a complete mystery to probably everyone but this young girl.

Oh you young thing, you maybe should have contacted the Ying Yang Twins.

This story is incredible, on so many levels. Regardless of the astounding lack of awareness to music history, anyone who is a fan of Nirvana and their decidedly anti establishment attitude must be unable to ignore the irony of asking Nirvana, even if they were still around, to send a Homecoming video to their college. I am almost positive a video would have been sent, but it very well could have been a 20 minute documentation of Kurt vomiting, or Krist picking his nose. To back up this point simply turn to any of a number of interviews where the band totally took everything off rails, even in situations that were made to promote their band like this:

Now before you Nirvana fans lose your mind, keep calm and let's try to figure this out. More than likely this young girl who definitely meant well, is occupying a unique position. She must be too young to have been alive when Nirvana was around, probably not possessing an older sibling who would know that Kurt Cobain is dead, and having parents who are just too old to know about the band.

If anything we have all learned a valuable lesson, clearly no event can be assumed as common knowledge, or not everything can be learned by osmosis.

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This Insect Video Will Make Your Brain Explode

You may or may not agree whole heartedly with this statement, insects are super cool. The thought of a literal whole other ecosystem, a tiny one. Where billions upon billions of tiny animals go about their business of mating, eating, boning, fighting, and dying all literally under our noses can alone occupy a imaginative brain for hours in contemplation.

Yo, check me out son.

Perhaps this is the literal idea of your nightmares, where some unknown, irrationally dangerous creepy crawly is lurking in the dark of your bedroom, ready to pounce on your defenseless sleeping body. Sinking it's poisonous fangs into your flesh and leaving you a massive food source for it's squirming young.

If you should happen to fall under the latter of the two groups, first I must apologize for forcing you to relive your nightmare. Do not fret though, because this video is sure to make you, if only for a second be amazed at the tiny wonder that can exist beneath your feet.

Our incredible age of technology has allowed Stefan Diller, a German photagrapher to take his immensely powerful camera and point it at a world we are oh so seldom given a ticket into first hand.

There is a very distinct reason that creature designers for movies, video games, and other creative endeavors often look to the insect world for inspiration, with designs like that these tiny animals might as well come from Jupiter or Mars.

So sit back and enjoy the video, there's not much more to say other than it is amazing.

Yo insects, you so crazay, and also hairy, really hairy.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet a Hooning Japanese Gangster And His Neon Lamborghini

His name is Moroshi-san. He is a slick dressing, blond coiffed businessman who lives in Kabukicho, Tokyo's "entertainment district." Moroshi's business? He prefers to say that it is in the "gray area," so maybe he has been arrested a few times. He may also like to hang with some heavily tattooed company that could be described as questionable, perhaps even whispered as Yakuza. Moroshi also likes to drive a modified Lamborghini Diablo, and he like everything he does, he has his reasons why.

Moroshi-san whipping his neon ride around the streets.

This is the background for an excellent mini-documentary by Tokyo based videographer Luke Huxam. Huxam moved to Japan six years ago, possessing not a bit of knowledge about either filmmaking or Japanese. Since then he fell into a career and has been producing short documentaries around Japan.

"I always enjoyed watching documentary style films, Huxham said, "So I one day decided to start trying to document aspects of Japanese automotive culture; This lead me to find [a] passion I never knew I had, cinematography.

Huxam is his own one man film crew, doing the story boarding, directing, editing, color grading, sound, and filming of his projects.  Many of his subjects are often surprised when he enters the door ready to film, accompanied only by his camera. However his propensity to fly solo on his projects doesn't mean that their quality is hampered, in fact, one could say that the vision he has is that more unified because of this. One of his previous works, entitled Racing in the Streets: Group C Porsche 962 followed a man who drives his certified race car through the Japanese streets. This time however, Huxam chose the unique character of Moroshi for his subject.

So how does Luke get to move in these worlds? Can you just walk up to dangerous Yakuza (Japan's tattooed version of organized crime) and ask for a filmed interview?

He explained in an email to Jalopnik:

Every day in Japan you can see questionable looking people driving around in supercars. Where do they get their money? Who do they associate with? All these questions flooded my mind until finally I found myself behind my Canon 1DC surrounded by Bosozoku, brightly coloured flashing Lamborghinis and the Yakuza.

Bosozoku in Japan are bike gangs with no real respect for laws, the general public or the police. They're obviously frowned upon, often causing problems for the general public. Very often they're the early makings of Yakuza. It's like a training ground. Some of them will grow up and become real gangsters

You can't really just walk up to these guys and ask them to be in your film. You don't walk into Kabukichou after midnight and start trying to film people with tattoos all over their bodies unless you want to have your nose broken. You need to know someone that has a good relationship with the people in these underground cultures and ask them to invite you in for as long as you're allowed to stay which is usually not very long!

This is where we meet Morohoshi-san, a Lamborghini fanatic who's not shy about telling the world about his passion for Lamborghini. After a couple meetings, he also wasn't too shy to let us [Huxham and assistant director, K.T. Chan] explore his dark background and some his close friends surrounding his dangerous lifestyle.

I started storyboarding this film months before it finally got to the two-night shoot. I found out very quickly that you can't really organize these types of people. You try to gather them up in one place and then make it to the next location while directing them, filming them, yelling at them from a chase car as you try to orchestrate these scenes you have envisioned. Your carefully planned, minute-by-minute schedule goes out the door, you're simply along for the ride with camera in hand.

It's very stressful but also very surreal at the same time. You don't take in these moments until the next night when you sit down and start going through all the footage, and find out which parts of your original story are there, and which are missing. When you do these cultural documentary pieces you really have to embrace the run-and-gun style of shooting. It's horribly stressful but also a very rewarding experience at times. It's nothing like my commercial shoots where things usually go according to plan, and you're not still out at 4:30 am filming dolly shots of Lamborghinis.

I would like to welcome to the world of an Underground Hero, a person some of you will love to hate. Remember, style is personal, fun is universal and Morohoshi-san is far too busy having fun to give a s*hit about what you think of his flashing neons.

If anything Moroshi is a character worth watching, and his neon soaked cavorting, or hooning around town with dangerous biker gangs, associating with Yakuza is something straight out of a movie. 

Luke Huxam is right there with them, diving headlong into the compelling and fascinating world that is Japanese motoring culture. Here's to hoping he stays on the good side of the Yakuza, after all, he is gonna need those fingers for filming.

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Real Suicide Attempt Confused For Comic Con Stunt

It was an incredible case of irony when stunt men working for the sequel to the movie Kick-Ass, movie about regular people who take up the mantle of super heroes, they themselves became heroes when they rescued a troubled young woman.

People gathered around the foot of a building in San Diego, thinking they were to witness a promotional Comic-Con stunt, when to their horror it was realized the fake suicide attempt they were witnessing was in fact a real one. Perhaps the confusion stemmed from the fact that in the same location, a stunt was being put together to promote Kick-Ass 2. 

As the stuntmen were busy setting up the event, they saw a distraught woman step over her 14th floor balcony out over the railing, and began contemplating jumping.

The three stuntmen, Amos Carver and his two colleagues Gregg Sergeant and Scott Schecter, stopped their work building a scaffold for their stunt and rushed to the scene with their climbing gear in tow. Hopping a fence, they made their way to the girl's room with the permission of the hotel's manager.

Working as quietly as they possibly could, Carver and his crew snuck up behind the woman and were able to grab her, putting a harness around her to prevent her falling if she had struggled. She did not.

As they managed to pull her off safely from the ledge Carver recalled:

"She just kept saying, 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,' over and over again,'" 

According to police, the woman was upset over a recent breakup, and was intoxicated at the time of the attempt.

Take that fictional movie! You don't need costumes to be a hero!

Way to go stunt guys!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Comic Con 2013 Happened And Lots of People Dressed Up

The annual huge gathering of admitted nerds that is San Diego Comic Con has effectively concluded yesterday after 4 days of movie panels, television and movie previews, shameless shilling of overpriced merchandise, and even a little bit of comic books.

There were many things for fans of everything comic related to get excited about, including the announcement of the next Avengers film and a equally impressive announcement of a Batman and Superman team-up movie. However, one of the tried and true things people always like to associate with Comic Con is the amount of people who decide to use their skills to create interesting, and sometimes, amazing costumes to wear to the show, called Cosplay.

Here is a bunch of photos from this year's group of attendees, remember most of these people made their outfits from scratch:

No joke, this is Adam from Mythbusters.

Shazam! Two times!

Tank Girl, the 90's are here. Although not sure that girl was alive when Tank Girl came out.

Gotta love Michonne, and...Katy Perry?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Powergirl, the most ridiculously proportioned superhero. Look it up.

Couple playing obscure characters together, stay together.

I like it, but if you are gonna dress as a little boy, shave your beard bro.

Guarantee no one else was dressed like this, points for originality.

One word, craftsmanship. 

I'm not at Comic Con with you, you're all at Comic Con with me!

Again, if you know who this is, I probably like you.

Nothing like a good ole' Fem-Shep.

If you know who these people are supposed to be, we are probably already friends.

Forget these people and note the Mystery Machine in the background, I want that.

Great, just perfect.

Now that is an outfit.
Go ahead, make fun of nerds, but you cannot deny their sewing skills. If you like what you see check online, there are plenty more cool costumes to see.

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