Sunday, June 30, 2013

Funday: Where We Check Out Cool Stuff From The Week

Well well well, you just think you can waltz on in here and demand a Funday do you?! Well I got news for you pal, that's not how things work around here.  There's only gonna be a Funday when I say so. You think you run things? You don't run a damn thing! In fact, nobody is running anywhere because we are both probably sitting down somewhere. So if you even think about running somewhere whilst reading this article, you may find yourself in a whole lot of trouble sister. A whole mess of it! So here now is a Funday, not because you wanted one, but because I feel like now is the right time to start.

Tell these jokers FDR. God damn right.
I got some good stuff this week, so if you will settle your ass the hell down, I will begin.


Miley Cyrus

I really never thought that in my totally awesome video dump article that is Funday, I would ever end up featuring a Miley Cyrus video. To tell you the truth I never actually thought about it, because if I spent all day thinking about what videos I would never think about including my brain would implode upon itself and then where would we be? Without a Funday at all, that's where. This song was originally meant for Rihanna, but she passed on it. Think about that while you watch it.  Then also think about how ridiculous the video is. Finally after a few hours, reflect on why you cannot stop playing it over and over. Then you will have lived in my shoes my friend.


I bet that MIA smells really good, and surprisingly so.  You know, she seems like the kind of lady that is so cool and fashionable that she may just pop on that vinyl jacket straight out of the refuse bin and/or thrift shop bin. So even though you look at her videos and jam to her songs, and imagine hanging out with her, you in the back of your mind think that she may smell a little funky. Not bad, but just like a sweater you pulled out of your grandma's suitcase in storage, that kind of mothball funk. But then you do meet her and get to hang out and do something cool like ride motorcycles in the Sahara together. As she goes in for the introductory hug you get a whiff and your preconceptions are shattered, and you realize you should've known all along she would smell like a delicious mixture of angels eating cotton candy whilst being dipped in Chanel No. 5, and you resign never to make preconceptions ever again.

Joey Bada$$

The only thing in this video that is not cool is the camera man falling off his bike at the end, and although technically it is cool that he not only caught it on film but didn't smash the camera, still bike wrecks are no laughing matter. One time I was carefree and careless riding my own bike through the parking lot of the apartment complex I lived at.  I mention the careless and carefree part because one of my shoes had come untied somehow and I did nothing to correct it. This led to me watching the shoelace get tangled right in the gears and after falling like a buffoon, my shoe somehow became contorted due to the tightened shoelace, painfully twisting my ankle. If only I had a video camera, who knows what would have become of me?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I didn't even watch this video before I put it on here, I just knew it would be good. Sike! Now for the first 30 seconds or so all you are going to be thinking about is if I really did just put the video up without watching it. If I would just compromise Funday by not even caring enough if I even watch the stuff I post here which is supposed to be simply the things I saw this week that I liked.  Which would of course require me to actually watch things. Or perhaps did I watch it all along and am just leading your mind down a maze of confusion?

Die Antwoord

If you don't know about this band then you should probably search all their videos.  Anyway, a whole bunch of people think Yolandi, one half of Die Antwoord is super hot but don't have any clue as to why. Well this video will just confirm/continue to confuse them.


Action Bronson

You might have said: "Hey, Action Bronson is a rapper, he should be on Sounds on this Funday you fool!" To which I would reply: "You better hurry up and watch this video before I find out who you are and come do to you what is done to someone in this video. You sucka." Also of note, he raps about doing a wrestling move, then approx. 2 seconds later does a wrestling move. If that's not keeping it real, I don't have a damn clue what is!

True Facts Mantis Shrimp

I cannot think of anything funny to say about this video, it already has all the funny things inside of it's runtime. Let me take a little break now and then okay? Creating this free content all damn day is making me very much need a cool lemonade.

Google Glass at NBA Draft

Inside the NBA Draft, let's get inside the NBA Draft.  That's what all the talking heads on ESPN always try to do, but really they just point cameras at tall young men and then talk about things that no one could really know for sure and make predictions that are almost always wrong. You want to get inside the NBA Draft? Then slap some Google Glasses onto a draftee and go to town, also this might be the only time someone who is actually really talented at something has ever put on Google Glass. Google Glass is for assholes otherwise.

What's In That Coffee

Other than that life giving stimulant wonder that is caffeine, what is really inside that cup of black sex that you drink every morning, afternoon, and night? Thanks to Wired doing a study that has nothing to do with the subject matter of their magazine, now you can check it out. Turns out there is a bunch of stuff.

BOOM! Another fine Funday if I do say so myself. Maybe next time you will sit your ass down and be patient, let me make my Funday without any complications, eh? We will have to wait and see, but now you know at least who the bossman of Funday is. And knowing, is half the battle.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The US Park Service Has Lost Track Of An Arsenal Of Guns

Quick, what's the first image drawn to mind when someone mentions the US Park Service? Is it a friendly park ranger in their iconic hat helping out eager hikers and campers find their way around Yellowstone?  A traditional slice of delicious Americana straight out of the 1950's of American exceptionalism?

Something like this perhaps?
How about a huge police force with a massive cache of untraceable firearms? Well if that is what you thought of, you are strange, but correct!

Despite being a police force that is around to keep you and your family safe from harm while in and around our thousands of national parks and reserved areas, the US Park Service has also acquired some number of guns over the years.  The rangers of the Park Service are also apparently very busy, too busy in fact to keep track of over a thousand weapons which have gone missing.

Anybody seen that Tommy Gun I had over here? Nobody? Aw fuck it.

The Washington Post has obtained a new report by the Inspector General of the Department of the Interior which in the basest terms says: "Hey dudes, good job protecting the parks. Now with that said you all are losing lots of guns, all the time, and that is pretty scary yo."

A more serious direct quote from the report is much more unsettling:

"During our reviews of USPP field office armories, however, we discovered more than 1,400 extra weapons. These included 477 military-style automatic and semiautomatic rifles. The USPP has a force of approximately 640 sworn officers."

How do you explain that ridiculous untraceable armory of guns that would make the underground bunker from Terminator 2 embarrassed? Uh, bears are tough? They have so many guns lying around in fact many of them belong in collectors' hands over park rangers.

"Investigators concluded that the Park Police not only can’t keep track of the guns it has but it hasn’t disposed of guns more suited for collectors than lawmen. The agency still has 20 M1 Garand rifles, the standard field gun in World War II, and four Prohibition-era tommy guns. The inspector general noted that these weapons are of “limited” use."
Moral of this story, don't try to fight a park ranger, ever. And for God's sake, don't whatever you do don't try to start a forrest fire. You'll get your head blown off!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Don't Forget There Are Great Things Happening In The World

There are many terrible things that are going on in our world every day. The military in Syria continues to bomb their own civilians, including hospitals and schools full of children. Country after country in Europe is falling apart as the working class have no jobs and no way to support themselves in the wake of almost total economic collapse. The entire country of Somalia continues to be a totally failed state and harbor of not only Muslim extremists, but a home to thousands of innocent, starving people.

If one watches the 24 hour parade of tragedy and heartbreak turned to ratings  travesty of television news networks; they can quickly become very upset with the near constant reveling in human suffering that is beaten into the ground for rating's sake. Where tragic events like Newtown and The Boston Marathon Bombing are unnecessarily relived and replayed, beaten into the ground and devoid of any real news value by network personalities who only seek to swarm upon and capitalize on such a terrible event.

However, one must try to remember that every day that there continues to be the abhorrent events that come with being a modern version of humanity, there are simultaneously many wonderful things that accompany the human condition. It's simple though, you don't see them because they don't sell. You have to look for them, but they are there sure enough.

One great example comes to us from Australia and through this woman, Pascale Honore.

Get ready for a great story.

Pascale is a mother of two sons who love to surf, and day after day she joined them at the beach observing their enjoyment in their favorite hobby.  Eager to one day get in the surf with them and try out surfing herself.  You see the reason she couldn't join them is because she is a paraplegic. Pascale lost the use of her legs when she was thrown from her car in an accident.

Of course though her story doesn't end there, but it needs one more introduction first. That person is a friend of Pascale's family and a frequent participator in her sons surfing outings.  His name is Tyron Swan, and he had an idea, an idea that involved of all things, duct tape. He thought that if he could surf with a little more weight on his back, then why not duct tape Pascale to his back and let her enjoy what she had always wanted to experience. So he did, and this is what happened.

Duct Tape Surfing from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.

You see, everyday things like this happen all around us, even if we don't necessarily see them.  It is as you can see, though, worth taking the time to seek them out. If anything to make yourself feel better about this small planet we all share. So remember the next time the world has you feeling dour, get to the Internet and get to searching, you may even find someone that you yourself can make feel even the littlest bit happy. Good luck.

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In Case You Needed Reassurance Chris Brown Is Still An Asshole

News this week that the currently still incredibly rich and famous terrible person that is Chris Brown is still also very much a waste of air on our planet. No, this time he isn't horrifically beating what constitutes as one of Americas biggest stars, or jumping Frank Ocean whilst hurling homophobic insults, or trashing a dressing room after a perceived slight on the Today show. This time the R&B singer was involved in a hit and run, which he was subsequently charged for. So he can now add reckless driving to his general reckless and ignorant style of living.

Still a total dickwagon.

 Then yesterday, as he is often want to do, he responded on Twitter of course, to the subsequent media coverage of the event with accusations of bullying and yellow journalism. Following the stream of tweets, he added a Bible quote, because of course he did. The quote was “2 Corinthians 12:10”, which for those of us without a Bible handy is this:

“That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

His delight in "weakness" could come from the accident ordeal as TMZ is reporting the statement made by the woman whose car he hit features what I can only describe as some textbook Chris Brown style behavior. According to the TMZ report the woman, Olga Gure-Kovalenko describes that when she asked Brown for his license after the accident both Brown and his passenger refused to cooperate. The driver then angered Brown by taking a picture, which prompted him to reach for the woman in turn prompting Brown's passenger to scream, “Don’t touch her! Don’t touch her!” Brown then began ranting,  "You are a bitch! Who do you think you are, bitch?” Most people would have asked to share insurance, or maybe wonder if the other person in the accident was ok? Not Chris Brown. Gure-Kovalenko's full statement can be found here.

Before he slammed the door and drove away from the scene, Brown asked the woman "Do you think I am just a black n****?" She probably just thinks you are an asshole. Although there is an opportunity here for PR, though not for Chris. Paula Deen could really capitalize and show that only good people like her and Chris Brown use the N-word. Think about it Paula, you need all the help you can get.

Meanwhile Chris Brown continues to inexplicably get a pass from both the music community, still being featured as the go to R&B feature for songs that want that oh so scarce radio play. Even beaing featured on such songs as the incredibly ironic titled new "summer jam" by Sean Kingston entitled and I shit you not, "Beat it." To be fair it is a nod to the rather crass inclination of having sex with a woman or "beating up her p*ssy."

Hip Hop musicians continue to be cowards regarding Brown's continued ability to have a career by not taking a stand on his continued ridiculous attitude and behavior.  The Hip Hop community has shown in the past that it can be as strong on an issue, or as embarrassingly cowardly as it chooses, and this time everyone has taken the latter route.

It's not as if there aren't suitable, and in this author's opinion, infinitely more talented alternatives to choose for someone who sings your hook for you. Frank Ocean never assaulted anyone, and all Miguel did was accidentally Hulk Hogan Atomic Leg Drop a fan, and he apologized profusely.

In fact all it would take is a few people to stand up and refuse to work with the guy, perhaps then he wouldn't feel the need to be such a dick all the time if his career suffered a little bit.  Or maybe at least he would hire some capable PR people to make him think twice before trying to grab people he hit with his car, or perhaps pass on being featured on a song called "Beat it." Only a couple of famous people would be needed, to stand up and say, "No thanks Chris Brown, on the "rate a person" scale you are a fucking nightmare. I think I'll go with Miguel." Who could lead the way?

Perhaps arguably the greatest rapper of all time? They don't call him J Hova for nothing.
Oh, that already happened. The ball is in your court Hip Hop and R&B community, until someone else decides to show some backbone, I will continue to await the Jiggaman's new album.  I can rest assured there will not be any Chris Brown features.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lego Is Making Back To The Future Sets

I am an adult, and I have not bought a set of Legos in roughly 15 years.  However, my love for Legos and the magic they can bring to a young person's life has never left my consciousness. I loved the tiny plastic blocks as a child, they helped open up my imagination, my sense of innovation by allowing me the tools to build whatever I could come up with.

Over the years although I may have outgrown the need to purchase the wonderful toys, I still admired their continued expansion into licensing special types of Lego sets. From Indiana Jones and Star Wars, to Toy Story and Pirates of The Carribean, the company created some amazing toys for new generations of young children to enjoy.

Today the first images have surfaced for what is in my opinion the most exciting collaboration between Lego and a license so far. Lego is going to make Back To The Future versions of their amazing product, and that is great.

I might have to buy this.
Back To The Future is one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time, and for very good reason. It is the most consummate "family" film, that people of all ages can watch and genuinely enjoy, and has become a timeless example of what can happen when all the various parts of a film are executed to the best effort.

Moreover, the iconic DeLorean time machine car was for many young children the early definition of cool. I remember being infatuated with it and wishing there was some way I as a child could own it, now thanks to Lego children everywhere will be able to.

How can you look at Lego Doc and not smile?

The teaming of the still popular toy and this franchise will help to introduce new generations of kids to the films, and that is a triumph.

The sets will release on July 18th, and I just might have to get one.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Basketball Minute: Let's Celebrate The NBA Champs By Remembering The Best Basketball Commercials

So the Heat are the champs again and it is two in a row for them, that is all well and good. Everyone with a blog/website/public forum whose audience would enjoy an article about basketball has by now already written everything there is to say about the event.

Yes it was one of the best Finals series that I as a relatively young man that I have ever seen, including the incredible 90's. Yes LeBron continues to move further into the legitimizing the claim that he one day will be considered one of the best players to ever have played the game. These things are obvious, and even if they weren't every sports writer in the country has by now made them obvious.

However, I thought that maybe I could do something different to celebrate, to showcase my lifelong love for basketball in a way that included history, and most importantly no mention of actual sports statistics, figures, or analysis. As I was watching the most recent series of games, I noticed that apart from the always excellent media packages that the NBA puts together each year to hype up the Finals occasion, there was something lacking.

This something was an integral part of my love affair over the years and an extension of the cultural phenomenon that was superstar basketball.  This part of the fanfare was not only an iconic way for people to heighten their love for their favorite star, but in turn helped to create the mythos that surrounds the modern basketball gods. I am talking of course about the commercials.

Basketball for me as a child was just as much in the shoes and in the incredibly entertaining and original series of advertisements that tried so hard to sell those shoes to me and a bevy of my young peers. Basketball ads have in my past been a way to bathe in the awe of those with last names like Jordan and Johnson, to learn new catch phrases (Nothin' but net ring a bell?) and most importantly laugh my ass off. I could sit and watch and in see my sports heroes laughing, joking, and wowing me with their talent, then tune back to the game where they did it live. So with no further adieu, let's dive in to my favorite ten roundball commercials of all time.

I promise they aren't all Nike ads, and only a few feature MJ.

10. Vince Carter Dr. Funk

People forget, but at one time this was the man who was labeled as the next Michael Jordan, and for a moment we all believed it. People talked in hushed whispers about his vertical height, and his ferociousness pure talent. He could even step back in time to Rucker Park and be just as at home as he was in the present.  For a time this man was mythic on the court, and that alone is worth remembering. Much love to Dr. Funk.

 9. Lebron and The Lebrons

Lebron for a time circa 2007 looked as if he was going to carry the torch of the unforgettable ad, with this genius and hilarious campaign. If ever there was an advertisement that begged for a sitcom show, it was this family of Lebrons, of course all played to a T by the man himself. Try to tell me this isn't one of the best commercials you have ever seen.

8. I am not a role model

If you were born after 1991 you may not believe me when I tell you that Charles Barkley, yes that Charles, the Sir Charles lovable teddy bear that is on television used to be one of the baddest men on the planet. In an era of intimidating players, he rose high above them all, and he wasn't ever gonna be the Michael that you wanted him to be. Deal with it.

7. Grandmama

Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence can go to Hell. There is only one man who should come to mind when you describe a black man in old woman drag, and his name is and forever will be Larry Johnson. One of the best ideas that Converse ever had, I will never forget the legend of Grandmama.

6.The Crossover

In 2002 I was 16 years old, and in a supposed dark age for the NBA there was only one man who mattered to kids all over the country who were feeling their adolescence like me. Allen Iverson was the embodiment of everything cool, from the cornrows, to the sleeve, the tattoos, to the attitude. He was the player the sports elite loved to hate, but to us kids he simply was the man. The crossover, I mean that move, had kids all over our nation spending their summer trying to perfect it.

5. Lil' Penny 

Who can forget the various misadventures of Penny Hardaway and his marionette compadre Lil' Penny voiced perfectly by Chris Rock? A genius campaign from the start, big Penny made you impressed while Lil' Penny made you laugh. Whether it was throwing an ill advised pool party, or hollering at Tyra Banks, Lil' Penny got the last word, and Afernee, well he didn't need to speak much.

4. The Barbershop

"I don't believe in role models, but uh, you're mine." Sir Charles said it best. Just two players in their prime sharing a moment where one (Chris Webber) got a play off on a legend who just happened to be Charles Barkley. It is simple, and it is great.

3. Much Respect

Ask any child of the 90's what their top ten wishes are, and I bet 9 out of 10 would name something that would be similar to this commercial.  You can see the wonderment dawn on the faces of the people who just so happened to be playing ball when a legend stopped by to say hello. What I wouldn't have given just to be sitting in those bleachers. Much respect indeed.

2. Just Kobe

Each year that goes bye it never fails, every time the All Star game rolls around, those veteran announcers lament the absence of Kobe in the Dunk Contest.  Each year we hope he will be there, and each year he denies us. For many kids these days, they will only remember Kobe as the great all around player, but for a time he was a monster above the rim. The afro Kobe days I will never forget, and this commercial will keep them alive. Simplicity in it's finest form, just the man, a hoop, and a slow motion camera.

1. Let Your Game Speak

For me, the best commercial ever made. You don't see his face till the end, but from the very beginning you realize whose mythic moves you are witnessing, and recreated in picture perfect dedicated detail. The shrug, the shot, that tongue, all it takes are these vague descriptions and anyone who was a young child like me glued to the television whenever Chicago had a game instantly knows what you mean. Every new frame takes me back to the times when I had the pleasure to witness some of the most iconic moments in sports right in my living room, my small legs barely able to keep still with excitement as I sat on the carpet. Neck craning ever so closer to the glow of the television. Goosebumps every time. Perfection.

There you have it, the best basketball commercials ever according to me. Oh the memories, and let me tell you this wasn't an easy list to make. I just as easily could have made a top 30.

This was a unique part of my basketball history, and I just hope even just a little bit, we can get back to this type of advertising genius.  If we have to watch commercials, let's at least be able to enjoy them.

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Apple Is Refunding Purchases Inadvertantly Made By Bad Kids

We know the drill, the child is left for a few moments to play an iPhone game, giving their drastically burnt out parent even a moment of clarity and the opportunity to take a long deep breath. The child, content to use their tiny, grubby hands to fling colorful birds out of a slingshot is also placated. So much so that they mash around the app with glee, oblivious of what exactly they are doing.

The parent, finally able to come to their senses retrieves the now drool and smudge covered phone, only to recoil in horror. Their beloved son/daughter has through a sheer fluke purchased a hundred dollars worth of ridiculous app purchases. The parent resigns to their predicament, as they clearly know that they are absolutely, utterly out of luck. Until yesterday that would be the end of the story, a story that one too many parents have become all too acquainted with.

You know exactly what you're doing!
 Apple however has decided to change that narrative for many lucky parents who until now were forced to deal with more Angry Birds or Tiny Tower purchases than they could stomach. The company has decided to begin refunding those who were duped by their diaper clad progeny.

In February Apple agreed to a settlement that would refund those angry parents. The settlement is now live via a special website Apple has launched, where parents can make their small claims and opt for either iTunes credit, or if the amount is over $30, cash money y'all.

The company isn't just giving money away for free though. Parents will need to provide the proof that their offspring made the purchases without their knowledge, and only "qualified" apps will be covered. Hey though, instead of a bunch of virtual birds, qualified Daddy's can instead get a James Brown record, so in the end it works out swimmingly. Perhaps that was the baby's idea all along...Papa's got a brand new bag.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Museum Cannot Explain Why Ancient Statue Is Spinning

Make sure we have Brendan Fraser on speed dial, because we may need a certain set of skills that he has. I am sure he isn't busy. Hey- oh! There is some downright Ancient Egypt craziness going on right now.

Everybody stand back, I got this. Also I need this.
The Manchester Museum in England is looking like it may be the grounds for a monster movie, as an ancient statue made as an offering to Osiris, who is-get this- the Egyptian god of death has suddenly started spinning inside of the display case. Also, nobody can figure out why.

In the time-lapse video as you can see, the 4,000 year old relic is slowly spinning around inside its case without any assistance whatsoever from the outside world. Discovered in the tomb of a mummy 80 years ago, the statue has been at the museum ever since.

Campbell Price, who is the museums current caretaker, is the one who noticed the strange movement, and promptly put the statue back in place. Only to have it move again on its own.

"Physicist Brian Cox thinks it’s 'differential friction,'"referring to the process by which two surfaces — in this case the statue's stone and the glass shelf, "cause a subtle vibration which is making the statuette turn."
 However Price refutes that theory, stating that the museum has had the statue in that spot long before it ever started spinning.

Another theory, which is more exciting and spooky comes from Price himself, a noted Egyptologist.

"In Ancient Egypt they believed that if the mummy is destroyed then the statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit. Maybe that is what is causing the movement."
 We will all soon find out when one late night after everyone leaves the museum and Price is there alone, and sees the statue spinning. Instead of leaving he will be drawn closer to it, only to be horribly killed leading to the next morning where the statue will be gone and replaced by an ancient terror. Here's hoping the ancient demon looks like this:

Rather be killed by a sexy lady..

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Mad Men Recap: I'd Tell You To Go To Hell But I Don't Want To See You Again

"Can you keep it down, I am trying to drink." The past transgressions have finally come to fruition for our Don Draper and all at once he must reap the whirlwind that he has so deftly sewn. It was the finale for his descent last night, and as most are won't to do, his attempts to bring his life back on track were all too little too late. Pouring the booze down the sink would be a better idea before you punched the preacher in a bar and spent the night in the slammer. However Don doesn't have the easy clarity and insight into his behavior that we as an audience are able to possess. As it all began to fall away, and quite quickly at that, he knows that there isn't a person to blame but himself.

In fact the whole episode was one of loss, whether it be Roger losing a seat at Thanksgiving, Don losing his position at the agency, or a heartbroken Peggy losing the only man she really loves because his feelings for her made him flee. The people in our lives can indeed be like seasons, or flow through our grasp like so many failed advertising pitches, but in our world and the world of Mad Men, those affected must always remain, to attempt the process of filling the void where those people once were happy occupants.

Roger begins the episode tossed out of his family's get together after refusing to once again give his daughter money. You can see on his face the sadness he feels, and it is only amplified by the face that he notices Joan and Bob together again, if he only knew about Bob. Roger calls him in his office for his own brand of an employee review, threatening Bob about his feelings towards Joan, and we smirk as Bob does, knowing the truth. However, it isn't until Joan finds out about his woes that things turn around for our favorite playboy, and losing his own family for the holidays is okay because he finally will get to be with his young son. Hey, the 70's are on their way, Roger, Joan, and Bob could get something groovy going on if they want.

Tragedy involving family hits Pete, but as always he covers up any emotions with anger when he finds out that the very gay Manolo married her with ideas of her fortune and then whilst on a cruise threw her overboard. Every time this is mentioned and the Campbell brothers continue to harbor no feelings for their most likely deceased mother, it affects me.  It is hard to fathom their disdain they harbor for the woman who brought them into this world. Even in death they treat her like an annoyance, a hindrance in their plans for their lives.

Lose one family, gain another, good job Roger.

Pete of course makes things worse when he blames the ordeal on Bob, being that Pete is the only one who knows his real identity. It was great to see Bob in turn humiliate Pete when he used the fact that Pete, the man who will be handling Chevy, doesn't know how to drive a stick.

 Now we come to lovely Peggy, and deep down we knew it would play out like this. She begins by trying to win back Ted through using her ample sexuality by coyly mentioning she was leaving in the mens' meeting, wearing her best sexy getup.  Sidenote, boy that was some sexy outfit. Of course it works and Ted shows up to her apartment, sweeping her off her feet and professing his love.  He is gonna leave his family for her, he tells Peggy, and she believes him completely. However, it only takes one sleepless night beside his wife for Ted to change his tune, seemingly oblivious of the fact that he said the most damaging thing one can say to a person, to tell them how much you love them knowing that you will destroy that love shortly. He kicks her to the curb with the kind of politeness and sensitivity that only makes it hurt more, Ted is going to California to save himself from ruining his life with Peggy. Is it a copout? Yes it certainly is. He twists the knife when he tells her "Someday you'll be glad I made this decision." She replies, "Well aren't you lucky to have decisions," and like that, she is all alone again and back at the office she so desperately strayed from.

 Now to what everyone is waiting for, the redemption of Donald Draper, or at least an honest try.  Many addicts often require their moment of clarity, the time where they snap out of their chemically induced haze and realize the amount of damage they are inflicting upon themselves and those who love them. We finally get one from Don as he punches a preacher, and is sent to jail. Returning home he finds a worried Megan and pours his booze down the drain.  But I question, is this his moment? All he can think to do once he wants to be sober is run away from all the problems he has brought upon him by stealing Stan's idea about the upcoming satellite office in California for him and Megan to run off to.

I think his moment comes when Hershey arrives for Don's pitch, and after a tip from Ted, "You can't stop cold like that," on the booze Don arrives buzzed but clear.  He first gives them a Draper stamped scene of a loving father and son sharing a moment over a bar of chocolate, but after the pitch he lapses into a bizarre and unexpected monologue about the real experience he had with the Hershey bar. How in the horrible surroundings he grew up in, the idea that other orphans had a place to live given to them by Milton Hershey could be felt through the small amount of joy he felt when he ate a candy bar.

It was a powerful moment, and although Don "shit the bed" (Roger's words) in the ad pitch, he for the first time told more than one person something about his actual life. When substance abusers quit their drug of choice it isn't like the movies, they don't become nice and happy all of a sudden.  They need time for their brain to rewire into experiencing how normal people deal with the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Alcoholics can even exhibit a phenomenon called "dry drunk" symptoms, and perhaps that is what we saw. In this moment is where I think his moment really set in, Don gives his escape plan to Cali to Ted, so that he can use it for his own escape, and breaks the news to Megan. She is still leaving and all Don can muster is that they will be a bi-coastal couple. Don will be alone to deal with his demons all on his own, how alone however he is about to find out.

It's an intervention for you assholism.
 The next day comes the shocker, when he arrives to what is essentially an intervention. Don will have plenty of time to recover, because he is out of his job for now.  Maybe forever. Don only quietly accepts and when returning home gets the call from Betty that another Draper is on the bottle, this time it is Sally.

Don and Betty share a sad moment when Betty admits that Sally is messing up her school life by getting drunk with the other girls, taking after her father in ways she cannot know by using a fake identity herself. Betty mentions to Don that their daughter is from a broken home, a term we don't hear much these days, and that it may be finally happening that Betty realizes her daughter is a real person other than her burden.

The ending scene is perfect, Don finally reveals something, anything to his children about what made him to be the man he is. Don's children don't know anything about him, much like most of the people in his life, and until now he has been content that way. As he stands them in front of his boyhood home, now tattered and dilapidated, he shares a wordless moment with his daughter.  He has shared some part of the totality of his life with her, and Sally is smart enough to realize what this means.

Who knows what path Don will follow in the final season of the show next year. Will he be able to beat his demons in the bottle, or will he, left truly alone in his home, succumb to his old ways.  I have mentioned before that one of the most compelling things about this show is that it always seems to be looming over you, teasing a tragic end for someone we have grown to care about. Until then all we can do is try to follow Don's lead, one day at a time.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fundays: Where We Look At Stuff From The Internet

It is yet another Funday, and I have been saving up all my cool stuff for today.  Actually that is not true, I try to write about interesting stuff during the week, I mean, it would be pretty dumb to put all my cool eggs in the basket of Funday right?

Anyway, lets get started. This week we have something involving Ashton Kutcher that I actually want to see, Juicy J in a ridiculously awesome video, and Travis Scott, because he is awesome.


Travis Scott

Haven't heard of Travis Scott? Well watch this video and if you like it you are in for a treat, because this guy is simultaneously one of the most talented and interesting rapper/producers to come out in a while. If you like what you see/hear get his mixtape Owl Pharoah and enjoy. This song makes me wish I was back in 11th grade so we could bang it out the back of my buddy's

Small Black

Like romantic train narratives? Then you are gonna love this. The song also happens to be rad as well.

Juicy J

When I hear the words "Juicy J" and "music video" together in a sentence, there are by now some pretty standard expectations that accompany that idea. It will probably have some good looking women, be set in a strip club/nightclub atmosphere, and will more than likely feature Juicy J "turnt up" as he is prone to be ever since his Three Six days.  This video shatters my idea of what a Juicy J video can be, in the best way possible. It's also cool to hear The Weeknd on a catchy beat for a change other than his usual spaced out druggy bullshit.


This chick, she's got it. By it I mean that potential to be something really special. The video, strange, but fuck the video this is all about Lorde.

DJ Khaled & Co.

Usually I wouldn't think to post anything by the Pokemon that is DJ Khaled (he can only repeat his name.) Also if you were to ask me if I either liked Drake or would say "fuck Drake." I would always choose the latter. However this song is just a banger, it is that simple that I like it in spite of myself. The mid 90's video aesthetic and wardrobe is also great. When do you think the last time was that Wayne wore a tall tee?



Sadly, this is not a public service announcement by Ashton Kutcher to help those who are unemployed find a job, because without a doubt that would be hilarious. What it is, a movie about the late great Steve Jobs, starring Mr. Kutcher pretty much because he looks like what Jobs used to when he was younger. It however looks to be an interesting biopic and like it or not this is the one they made so this is the one we have to see. Don't fuck this up Kelso.

Leave LeBron A Message

Whether you want to congratulate him for the MVP, or tell him what you think about The Decsision, Nike is giving you a chance to tell him what you think. Give him a call (305) 767-2226, but make sure to get your Jordan and Kobe facts straight beforehand. 

Gandolfini on Sesame Street

People die, it is a fact of life, but when you die and it affects so many people, you have truly made an impact on the world.  James Gandolfini was a great actor, and a great person, and forever we will miss you Tony Soprano.

Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx

Good job Jimmy Kimmel, good job.

That's it for this week folks. See you next Funday.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Need To 3D Print Something Without A 3D Printer, Just Use Bees

That is correct, if you are one of the many people who still don't have access to a real 3D printer, there is an alternative out there for you although it is quite a bit more dangerous, just use 80,000 trained bees.

A 3D printer can't make me delicious honey!
 That's just what Dewar's, the company famous for their White Label Scotch Whiskey decided to do using both technology and an infusion of nature to celebrate the release of their new product Highlander Honey. A spirit which is a combination of Scotch whiskey and natural flavors. Using the aptly named 3-B Printing Project, they were able to create a 3D replica of the new bottle and the Dewar's Drinking Man mascot.

To pull this off the designers first crafted molds of the sculptures using CAD software. Then each mold was textured with specific hexagons of beeswax which would provide a guide for the bees to build upon. The molds were then placed inside clear plastic enclosures where the bees could be fed in and free to leave on their own volition.  They would then fly through tubes to the flowers they needed to gather pollen from which would in turn be used in construction of the hive. All that was left was to place a queen bee in the mold and her pheromones would do the rest, instructing the bees to build her a nest.

The sculptures themselves are admirable and uncanny, the kind of thing a nice glass of whiskey would be great to have while admiring.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

During Jimmy Fallon's Video Game Week Mario's Theme Gets Awesome Lyrics Courtesy of Black Thought

It is the week after E3, and aside from winding down over all the craziness that this year's event drummed up the week after is traditionally video games week on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. Fallon is a legitimately big ban of games, and each year he takes the time out to showcase to a very mainstream, roughly non video gaming audience, some of the biggest games from the expo. I enjoy video games and for the past year have been increasingly enjoying Fallon's brand of late night television more and more.

I would bet money that Jay Leno doesn't know anything about PS4.

While Fallon is not the most natural or gifted comedian, he more than makes up for this by employing a bevy of fun skits, impersonations, game shows featuring the celebrity guests; and let's not forget impromptu musical rap history lessons with Justin Timberlake. He has consistently and uniquely made the show his own, and made it really appeal to me.  One of the other main reasons he has been able to appeal to me is the ultra talented and by now genuinely legendary Roots inclusion as his backup band. Itself featuring Black Thought, the man who is a rappers rapper and in my humble opinion one of the best people to ever rap into a microphone.

I digress though, back to video game week and last night as part of the celebration of interactive entertainment Jimmy broke out his mailbox and fielded fan questions/comments. As this part of the show often does Jimmy was given a request by a fan to add some lyrics to the famous Mario theme song. As he has often done before he asked The Roots and Black Thought to help him out and this is what happened:

That, was amazing, even with the Luigi sneak diss he threw in.  I will allow it. With that said it was a really on point account of the history of our beloved mustached Italian plumber delivered in the clever way that only a lyricist like Black Thought could muster. Hell, Shigeru Miyamoto even got a shout out for creating the iconic game. What other late night band could deliver something like this? Kevin Eubanks? Bitch please.

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It is Thursday So Let's Talk About Music: My Current Jams Rundown

Ay yo son, it is another Music Thursday nah mean?! So for this spectacular day I have decided to in lieu of doing an essay, or another view of Yeezus (one word review: tremendous) I decided to keep it 300 and go over some of my favorite songs right now. Both to showcase how much I enjoy them, but to also get them the tiny bit of exposure that being featured on my blog will provide, every view helps, every single one. So let's jam with my jams, and the first song is of course off Yeezus (may not be reviewing it, but damn if I won't include something off it.)

Kanye West

This song barely won the the battle for my favorite song on Kanye's new amazing album. Although if I had to guess this song would be the favorite of many fans who hate Yeezus, and continue to complain because it wasn't the album they expected.  It was tight battle between this straight throwback soul sample infused "Real Kanye" song and the vitriol of "New Slaves," or the tortured druggy haze of "Handle My Liquor." What can I say though, even though I am welcoming to the evolution of Kanye's music I still love me a traditional College Dropout style record now and then. Plus this just has some killer lines: "Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures, one good girl is worth a thousand bitches" is a clear standout along with the graphic but hilarious : "Step back, can't get spunk on the mink." How is that not classic Kanye?

Gilbere Forte

Look, I know that I already featured this guy on this week's Funday, but damn if this song ever stopped being on infinite repeat. This guy looks like Frank Ocean, and raps like ASAP Rocky if he had attended a lyricism school dual headmastered by Kanye and Bone Thugs. This guy has so much potential, I was disappointed when I found out he was from Philly, not that Philly sucks but with a name like that and the way this song blew me away I was subconsciously wondering whether or not he was straight out of some exotic local, bound for stardom in America with his rap skills. Regardless of his origins, this dude can rap and keep your eyes and ears open, he is gonna blow up.


Isn't it amazing how sometimes you will be oblivious of the television whilst doing any number of tasks and despite you not consciously watching the programming and advertisements you will still pick up bits and pieces of random things? Actually, that is kind of frightening at the same time.  However I was surprised and happy with my brain this time because somewhere I had heard this song on an advertisement and enjoyed it but not so much that I bothered to find out what it was. Then last night while actually watching Jimmy Fallon's show to completion this Scottish electro-pop band performed and played their song for me, which after hearing in it's entirety is my favorite song of the moment right now. It was a happy coincidence and now I just have to wait for their album to come out this September, no worries though this song will probably last me till then.

Kitty (Pryde)

The girl named Kitty formerly with the comic surname Pryde (probably dropped after copywright business) styles herself as the Rap Game Taylor Swift. Now I know from that sentence some people will automatically hate this, and then for sure hate it when they hear her music. I don't feel that way, in fact I have gone from ironically enjoying her unique pixy rap to genuinely enjoying it.  Full disclosure, I also think she is a babe.

Empire of The Sun

I'll bet money that you have heard this song. In the same breath I would also bet that you have little to no idea that it was by Empire of the Sun, a theatrical synth-pop duo of coo dudes who like to wear insane outfits and makeup and put on a rad show. Their new song is a straight jam and if anything you will without a doubt enjoy the video, those headdresses dawg, too cold.

Riff Raff & TKO Capone

Not gonna lie, I don't know who TKO Capone is, except for a rather okay trap rapper. However the reason this song is featured here is because it has the best person on the Internet currently featured in it. It is no secret that I am very much a fan of Jody Highroller AKA The Butterscotch Boss AKA Riff Raff as he is God damn the most hilarious and entertaining thing to hit rap music in a long while. I mean here is just one of the lines from the song: "tractor trailer, truck Tim Thomas on my floor mats," and that's not even the best one.


If I had to guess two things that Wavves does well and one thing they don't I would say the following: They are good at making surf/garage rock music and also equally good at making trippy/strange music videos. They are bad at spelling their name. This video has a middle aged mustachioed man hitting things with a sword, that's all I need to hear.

Manchester Orchestra

These guys continue to make me enjoy their catchy music without realizing how much it is making me depressed before it's too late. Hey, it wouldn't be a great summer without a little depression would it? Seriously though, these guys put Wavves in a run for their money for making a strange yet very compelling music video, also the song is pretty good too.

That's it, all of my summer jams so far. So break out your dual cassette tape deck boomboxes, or your huge two CD burners and make yourself a hot eclectic summer mixtape courtesy of yours truly. Just make sure you get the order right, correct track-listing order for maximum enjoyment is crucial. Free advice, start slow leading to the crescendo of Chvrches and whatever you do don't end with Manchester Orchestra like I did on this article, it will only make you sad.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microsoft Is Backtracking Like Crazy

The news for these new consoles just keeps getting crazier. Today something that no one thought could happen totally did happen. One of the biggest backtracks in gaming history happened today when Microsoft, straight out of Sony virtually wiping the floor with them at E3 has from the ground up changed nearly everything about their console with regards to used games, internet connectivity, and DRM. They have chosen not to stand behind their policies, which they had so recently even announced and have mad a complete 180, this event will only add to what has been one of the most terribly handled PR campaigns ever by a large company like Microsoft.

According to a report by popular video game website, Microsoft will be doing away with their 24 hour required check in to the internet, which we were previously told was necessary for the new console. Additionally any restrictions on used games and trading games with friends have been removed and will now be identical to the way things are on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft claims the move was made after listening to consumers. However, this major move to after the fact flip flop and try to match the goodwill that Sony garnered at E3 by refusing to change anything regarding always online and used games, might have come too late already. The move comes off as Microsoft getting very scared by the Internet hyperbole and vitriol that followed E3 where many gamers after Sony's consumer dedicated conference prompted many to declare the Xbox One dead in the water.  Rather than stick to their business model, which had previously been declared as necessary, Microsoft has done a 180 to try and fix their dubious image.

It might not work out the way they think. In fact, it probably will not work out at all.

Microsoft has now opened the floodgates for their console to be attacked by any fans who don't like any facet of it.  Instead of standing behind their policies, however they were received, they have shown a complete lack of understanding that their perception now to the public is a company that was so scared by Sony at E3 they on a whim changed their whole policy. Who is to stop fans now from demanding anything from the company.  Why wouldn't they? You just showed them that you have no backbone at all.

This latest development only adds to the shockingly awful way that Microsoft has presented their new console from the first day of their reveal event. This is without a doubt one of the most dramatic reversals in gaming history, and paints Microsoft in yet another bad light. It makes for some great news though.

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An Entire British Town is Now A Zelda Map

In a little bit of mostly useless but cool for people who loved their Super Nintendo news, a person has turned their town into a map straight out of A Link to The Past.

Somewhere Miyamoto is smiling.

While neither exactly accurate or to scale, it still is just as pretty and happy as anything the great Shigeru Miyamoto could have thought up.  You kind of expect to see the tiny version of Link go running by at any moment.

This isn't the layout I remembered.

The creations was for the Switch Fringe festival held in England. The artist, who is known by his moniker The Decibel Kid created the map of Ipswitch where the festival is being held as a unique visual guide for attendees to the event. The festival itself doesn't have much to do with Zelda, or at all being the fact that it is a 16 day event focusing on community music and arts.  However, this thing is a work of art, and I would be surprised if nobody among the festivals attendees recognized the homage of the style.

Many hold the 1992 release The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in very high regard, with some of those folks proclaiming it their most favorite game ever. I think it is safe to say The Decibel Kid is perhaps one of them.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scientists Endure Awful Impersonations To Help Mankind

Scientists at the Royal Holloway University in London have undertaken a unique, and for them, awful challenge to help map out the subtleties of human speech. They have studied groups of "non professional imitators" doing their best impersonations and impressions. In hopes to learn more about the non-verbal aspects of human speech (like tone, style, and contextual changes) they looked at fMRI scans while the "non-professional imitators" did their thing.

These guys- super pumped.
All the participants of the study were told to make a list of 40 people and 40 accents that they would then try to impersonate, for the good of science. Naturally the lists included popular choices like Arnold Schwarzenegger and "my mom." The most popular choices? They were Sean Connery, Bill Clinton, and of course The King himself, Elvis Presley.

So the poor scientists not only had to endure what was surely some of the worst impersonations ever, but the subjects were tasked with reciting nursery rhymes while doing the impersonations. Meanwhile their heads are attached to a fMRI scanner which was being monitored. So basically it was probably pretty annoying.

The scientists did however find out some interesting stuff. When the subjects were doing voices and accents, the left anterior insula and the interior frontal gyrus lit up in the brain imagery. These areas are connected with planning and producing speech. The diagrams showed that doing impressions lit up more parts of the brain than accents alone.

By figuring out and isolating these parts of the brain that produce and control these vocal subtleties, scientists could discover more about rare conditions like Foreign Accent Syndrome which changes people's speech patterns usually after traumatic brain damage. Study leader Carolyn McGettigan had this to say:

"Our aim is to find out more about how the brain controls this very flexible communicative tool, which could potentially lead to new treatments for those looking to recover their own vocal identity following brain injury or a stroke."

Pretty noble and interesting, but I still don't know why in the world someone would willingly submit themselves to this kind of brutal non funny activity.

Just knock it off already ok?

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Young Hov Is Coming Back To Music Via An Unforgettable Ad

If you are a fan of basketball then this past Sunday you were probably posted up in your favorite most comfortable position enjoying a team of incredible veterans plying their trade knocking down hoops all over the most athletically gifted team in the NBA Finals. Now, aside from another great game in the best of seven that is the series, it was in between the basketball that something really interesting happened during the ad space of the program.

Hint: This person was involved.

In the Venn diagram of people watching television last night during the Finals the overlap between "people who like basketball" and "people who enjoy Hip Hop music" was probably pretty substantial.  That's why it was so exciting that a three minute advertisement featuring the new album by J. Hova himself (by way of Samsung) would garner much attention, so much so to trend on Twitter. When was the last time that happened? Leon Sandcastle?

As you can clearly see from the ad, it is aside from being the kind of effortlessly cool that comes with being Jay Z, a meeting of some of the Godfathers of rap music.  A meeting of arguably 4 of the best producers ever (Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Pharrell, and the big poppa Rick Rubin) to have made careers in music, and one of the best to have ever picked up a microphone, the Jiggaman, Sean Carter.

In the insightful production we get to spend a few precious moments inside the (penthouse?) recording studio while the legends go over beats, blow out speakers with said beats, and discuss some of the things people who are in an almost unfathomable tax bracket would be apt to talk about.You know, owning a Picasso, or being so rich you realize owning a Picasso doesn't change your life at all (damn Rick Rubin, you are like some kind of oracle)

Must be partly from the beard. God this guy is cool.

We also get to see and hear these guys doing their thing. Timbaland blowing out studio speakers, Jay employing his incredible on the spot rhyme style.  Most importantly, we find out that his new album, with the oh so "Kanye wishes he would have thought of this" title of Magna Carta Holy Grail is coming out not this fall, not next year, but July 4th. How fitting that the man who so most represents the real American Dream, from the corner of Marcy Projects dealing, to shaking the President's hand would release on our Independence Celebration.

You crazy for this one Jay!

Also there was something about a phone too...The Galaxy I think?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Mad Men Recap: Being Bob Benson

Yarrgh, I spy me a Ken Gosgrove.  Last night's Mad Men was a rising action episode leading us into next week's season finale, and boy did some great stuff happen this week.  Ken almost lost his eye, Don continues to lose everything he holds dear, and Bob almost lost it all.  There was some heartbreak, some triumph, vindictiveness, and acquiescence all in this episode, which made for some great television.

We start out with poor Ken on a hunting trip with the Chevy execs.  He naturally isn't having a great time, and has an even worse one when they accidentally shoot him in the face.  How many of you were convinced he was dead right there? I was. Ken (thankfully) survives and is forced to wear a Nick Fury style eye patch, which naturally serves as a point of ridicule at the office.

He has had enough of the antics of the Chevy men and decides (with a little goading from Pete) that he wants off the account, even if it will mess up his career. Of course Pete is the one playing the caring friend to Ken, even though he is only caring about securing the huge account for himself after he has been feeling so inadequate around the office lately.  Well Pete gets his wish, but naturally like most things he does it backfires when he learns he will be working closely with Bob.  The very man who Pete thinks is "sick" for his proclivities.

Pete insults Bob to his face and we finally see Bob exhibit something other than cheerfulness when Pete shuns him after his profession of his admiration last week.  Pete enlists Duck to look into Bob and find him another job, so that he can make him leave the firm, only to find out the shocking revelation about Mr. Benson we have all been expecting existed.  There always seemed to be more to him, and there is, he is another version of Don.  Surprisingly though Pete, when faced with another Don imposter in his office decides to surrender.  He will work with Bob but he doesn't know "how he does this" and sees Bob as dangerous as Don for his chameleon like lifestyle. There is more to Bob that we have yet to see, and his comparison to Don is something that the show wants us to know, but for what reason it is still yet unclear.

Is he the good Don Draper? Or is there something more sinister beneath his facade?

Speaking of Don, things aren't going well for him either. This week he continues to walk the dispicable path, but one with a tinge of pathetic guilt.  We find him sleeping in Sally's bed, hungover again as Megan tries to raise him, "I don't know what's going on, but try to get it together," she begs him. Oh Megan, if you only knew. Don rises and pours himself an orange juice plus vodka and decides to stay home.  After an interesting moment where he watches Megan's soap, he gets the call from Betty.  Sally doesn't want to visit him again for the second week in a row, and actually never, as she wants to go to boarding school, Betty proudly exclaims Miss Porter's the school where Jackie Onassis attended. All Don can do in his guilt is exclaim quickly that he'll pay for all of it, perhaps too quickly. He knows he could tell Betty of all people what happened between them, but he doesn't of course.

When Megan returns and finds him still disheveled she takes him out for a movie, Rosemary's Baby to be specific.  They run into, of all people, Ted and Peggy in an awkward moment for all involved.  Ted and Peggy make up their obvious day date as research for their baby aspirin account, but Megan and Don don't believe it for a second.  When Don returns to the office he is only confirmed of his suspicions when Ted and Peggy flaunt their flirting unawares that everyone notices it. Especially Don, and while at first we think he is jealous over Peggy and Ted's good idea for a Rosemary's baby aspiring commercial, we began to realize that knowing Don he is not mad about the creative success they are making but for the fact that his protege is finding a love in another man, and not him.

Don begins his attack on the two first by betraying Ted and going ahead with the Sunkist account after Harry tells him they are very interested.  Even though it is a conflict with their Ocean Spray account that Ted and Peggy have been working on. Next he fibs to Johnsons that their budget is going out of control with the ad being shot by Peggy and Ted prompting a meeting where Don does arguably the most dispicable thing he has done all season. In the meeting with Johnsons he deliberately puts Ted and Peggy on the spot and confuses them, only to set up his lie that the brilliant ad that Peggy came up with, was Gleason's last idea before he died, a lie that hurts Ted and Peggy on multiple levels. Ted and Peggy knew this could be Peggy's chance for an award, which he denies by attributing the idea to Gleason, and once again Don wins.

There's no quality of mercy here.

 It only causes Peggy to hate him, "you're a monster," she calls him as he coldly calls her out on her office romance with Ted, claiming to be looking out for the company, (when did he ever do this before?) when they both know its only due to his warped sense of Peggy.  She is the protege and woman he never can have although he never wanted her until he sees that she is happy with Ted. "You hate that he's a good person," Peggy attacks, "He's not that virtuous," Don fires back, "He's just in love with you." It seems Don doesn't even realize how awful he is being until he is chided by Peggy, that his scorched earth attack is some sort of automatic response to his feelings being hurt.

Don continues to ruin things around him, and even make no effort to keep the one thing that is genuinely good in his life, his marriage to Megan. Next week we will see what if anything that is worse lies around the corner for him, and if he can overcome it or sink further into the bottle.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Funday: Where We Check Out Good Stuff From The Internet

Hey folks, it is that time again! I write about things that I saw on the Internet this week that were good, according to me. Since the best thing I experienced this week technically isn't out yet (Yeezus) I will write about that later and just show you some other stuff I liked. Got a rather short Funday this week, because I need to spend some time with the man who allowed me to be a person, it is Father's Day after all. So go slap your Dad right in his mustache, and thank him for knocking up your mother.

Or at least thank him for all the awful jokes over the years.



Okay, starting off pretty bleak here. This video is pretty much a reenactment of Nicki Minaj's part from "Monster" and it is kind of hard to watch.  Although it is a really well done video so it made the Funday page. You are warned.

Fat Tony

How could there be a rapper Fat Tony that people wouldn't like? Just seeing this guy's name makes him automatically a part of Funday.  Ostensibly a found footage party video, this is just too much fun.

Lonely Island

Let's move further away from that Polica video to the other side of the happy spectrum.  This video is so dumb in the best way.  Also, here is an interesting observation, Puff Daddy has the best comic timing, he is great here even better than he was in that Jonah Hill movie I can't remember the name of. Also it has Paul Rudd and Robyn, what is there not to like?

Gilbere Forte

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I turn my TV to MTV Jams, and watch that shit four hours. Why do I spend waste my time watching horribly censored videos when I clearly have the Internet? Well until last week I wouldn't be able to tell you why, that is until MTV Jams blessed me with the absolute banger from this Philly MC. This kid has potential ladies and gents.


Man of Tai Chi

When I heard that Keanu Reeves was starring in and directing a martial arts movie about Tai Chi, I was, let's say "not enthused." Then I found out he wouldn't be the main character, which made me feel better. Then I saw the trailer, which seems to be the sort of awesome that someone like Jean Claude Van Damme made circa 1994. Watching this I immediately thought of The Quest, and if you did too, then you are as excited as I am. I mean for Christ's sake they really say "Finish Him," I cannot wait.

Jackie Chan's Best Story

Bruce Lee was the man. He was so much the fucking man that someone as great as Jackie Chan's most treasured story was when Bruce Lee punched him in the face. Is it possible that Bruce Lee's fist actually physically transferred just a tiny amount of his star power through the punch into Jackie, therefore allowing him to have his own successful career? Let's not rule that out.

300: Rise of an Empire

Is this a sequel to 300? Yes it is. Does it still look as awesome as the original? Yes. Is it probably gonna be terrible? Probably yes.  Will that stop me from watching it? No.

The Worst Movie Dads

We end this Funday with a showcase of the worst movie Dads.  So if you ever feel like you are upset with your father, just remember he probably never shrunk you down with his careless science, or never was a mechanical monster who cut your hand off with a lightsaber. What I am trying to say is, it could have been worse. That being said, I am not in the market for a new Dad, but if I was, I would very much like Royal Tenebaum to take over that duty.

The Worst Movie Dads Ever from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

That's it, go spend time with your father will you?

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