Friday, May 31, 2013

Even Without Lucasarts Star Wars Games Are Coming Back

Even though the once treasured development house LucasArts has been shuttered, there are definitely more Star Wars games on the horizon, as Electronic Arts has taken over development on some as of yet unannounced games based on the popular franchise. With this comes the possiblity that some of fans most wanted but never made games could make a return finally.

With the purchase of George Lucas' entire suite of companies by Disney this year the once proud LucasArts studio was finally closed by the new parent company. While many a LucasArts fan lamented the closure of a studio that released some of the most highly regarded games, the closure was simply a numbers game.  The studio hadn't been producing games for a while, and what they did do just wasn't working out. For a moment, fans were very nervous that their legacy games, titles like Knights of The Old Republic, Republic Commando, Tie Fighter, and Battlefront would never see another sequel despite the very vocal group holding onto hope.

You got your Star Wars all up in my Battlefield, and I am totally okay with it.
 However, recently a number of interesting facts have risen to the public eye, exciting facts for fans of both Star Wars, and those past beloved franchises. Electronic Arts signed an exclusive licensing deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games, and already they are hard at work.

Despite recently laying off a number of employees in the company, EA opened a new office for their DICE studios in Los Angeles recently. The office's task is to recruit talent for the upcoming line of new Star Wars games that the company is planning.  Plans which could include new versions and sequels to some of the beloved past franchises which have been dead in the water for years.

Please make my dreams come true EA, make a third one of these.
 DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson had an interesting comment regarding the projects, which have yet to be announced. He says the company:

 "are looking at either creating an entirely new experience or piggybacking on an older Star Wars game series".

Many fans of the past games are probably wanting a piggyback more than ever. Especially in the case of the Star Wars: Battlefront series, an incredibly popular multiplayer shooter with vehicular combat, much like the main game series DICE develops right now, Battlefield.  The two games are similar with one being about modern soldiers and vehicles, while the other is about Star Wars soldiers and vehicles.  A new Battlefront game developed by DICE is a fan's dream come true, speaking as a fan myself of both franchises.

People will sell their baby for another one of these...
...and they will double up for their soul for a sequel to this.

 As stated above, there is a deep catalog of Star Wars games that fans have been passionate about, patiently waiting years, sometimes now over a decade for a sequel no matter how slim the odds. If EA were to even revive a few of these titles, they would not only raise a bunch of hype, but generate some genuine goodwill toward their company, an organization that for the second year in a row was voted "Worst Company In America."

It is simple EA, give Star Wars nerds what they want, and they will love you.

The Star Wars brand will always continue to have fans, especially in the video games arena.  So many incredible and varied games have been made around the ever expanding universe of films.  From multiplayer online shooters, to MMOs , to RPGs, even to flight sims. In the stagnation of LucasArts, it has been a while since fans have had more than one Star Wars game to play in a span of years. With the announcement of another 3 movies to be made under the brand, the time is now for the games to follow suit.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Captain Picard Shows How Great He Is As He Embraces Domestic Abuse Victim He Helped

The guest of honor at this weekend's Comicpalooza was none other than Captain Picard/Professor X himself Sir Patrick Stewart. Proving yet again how actually amazing of a human being he is, Sir Patrick wowed the crowd as he responded with utter passion to one fan's gratitude for helping her deal with a history of domestic abuse.

How could you not love this man?
  The fan, Heather Skye was nervous stepping to the microphone to thank Sir Patrick for the speech he made at Amnesty International on the topic of violence against women that helped her "begin her own healing process," and deal with the sexual abuse she suffered in her own life.

 She wrote about the experience on her Tumblr to her followers afterwards:
"After seeing Patrick talk so personally about it I finally was able to correctly call it abuse. I didn’t feel guilty or disgusting anymore. I finally didn’t feel responsible for the abuse that was put upon me. After thanking him I asked him “Besides acting, what are you most proud of that you have done in you life (that you are willing to share with us)?”. Sir Patrick told us about how he couldn’t protect his mother from abuse in his household growing up and so in her name works with an organization called Refuge for safe houses for women and children to escape from abusive house holds."
 Just before moving on with the speech, Sir Patrick asked Skye if she was feeling "okay." This prompted the moderator of the event to ask her if she wanted a hug, then this happened:

Skye described the hug in more detail:
Sir Patrick didn’t even hesitate, he smiled, hopped off the stage and came over to embrace me in a hug. Which he held me there for a long while. He told me “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.” I couldn’t stop thanking him. His embrace was so warm and genuine. It was two people, two strangers, supporting and giving love. And when we pulled away he looked strait in my eyes, like he was promising that. He told me to take care. And I will.
 Damn Picard, that was an incredible bit of compassion and humanity.

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It Is Thursday So Let's Talk About Music

There are albums and there are albums, the latter being releases from artists that you absolutely cannot miss and anticipate after exhausting their last album. Albums from artists that you know in your heart will be classics, even before you hear them.  Albums that warrant this kind of hyperbole. Well I know this feeling all too well, and especially for the past few months when little by little rumors started surfacing that Kanye West's new album was going to be released soon.

Give him another chance.

I am what many would call a humungous fan of Kanye, and I will explain why. Ever since the man who would go on to become one of the biggest love him or hate him musicians of all time, was making beats for the likes of Jay Z I have been following his career.  I remember reading the liner notes to Jay's classic album The Blueprint and seeing his name as producer on some of my favorite songs off the release. I remembered his name, as I often do with new producer's I like.  As time passed Kanye kept making really interesting songs for a variety of artists and I grew to be a fan. It was no time at all before I heard that he was making his own album, and he would be rapping on it.

It was a with a curious tinge that I purchased his debut, The College Dropout, wondering if the man who was so good behind the mic could pick one up and impress me.  He did much more than that. I found myself at once listening to an incredibly talented lyricist who not only was a complicated person, but someone who musically walked a unique line. His subject matter ranged from material wealth to more social issues like the importance, or lack of on college and most entertainingly he realizes throughout the album that he himself is a walking contradiction.  So caught up in the Hip Hop cliche, that when he himself realizes what he is doing, all he can do is evaluate himself through music. I was hooked.

Four albums later, I have only continued to become a bigger and bigger fan, everything that he releases is so sonically different and refreshing. From his sample heavy soul styling on his debut, to the bold and dangerous decision to make a auto-tuned, immensely personal release on 808's and Heartbreaks, to the album that as so far is his masterpiece and what I believe to be one of the greatest albums ever made, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Seriously, buy this album.

Every album is different, and every album has a distinct theme/job portraying the life of the man behind both it's incredible production and complicated lyricism.  The new album entitled so in the blissfully arrogant side of Yeezy as Yeezus, as so far has shown us a man who is angry and not afraid to let his feelings be known.

A couple of weeks ago Kanye was the musical guest on SNL.  He premiered two new songs from the album.  These songs, which I have below, gave us a man who is intensely angry about the way society has shaped the music he loves.  Anger is a valuable commodity sometimes in creating music, and I expect Kanye to run with this theme very well.

"For my theme song / My leather black jeans on / My by any means on / Pardon I’m gettin’ my Scream on"
This line begins his new song "Black Skinhead," a politically charged and rage filled song where Kanye sang decked out in black and in front of a band. The second song, "New Slaves" brutally attacks the world and the Hip Hop communities continued fascination with material wealth and is just as intense.

For all his arrogance and impulsiveness, the man behind the persona is not, in my opinion as many would believe this is an awful person, so sure of their talent that they don't care about anyone but themselves. If people listen to his music they find a very deep personal angle to the man who seemingly does all he can in public to destroy.  On 808's, was a Kanye who was in the middle of a deep depression, after losing both his mother and fiance in the same year.  He bears his heart brutally between the auto-tuned lyrics, and you cannot help but feel for him.

Regardless of what happens this new album is the most anticipated release for me of this year.  Even if we get a Kanye that is as full of anger as these two songs exhibit, I want to take that ride. Music doesn't have to always be easy to listen to, and if anything it would fit the man, because Kanye is anything but easy to define.

Yeezus is set to be released on June 18th.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nintendo's President Is An Adorable GIF-Machine

Nintendo has over the years made some bonehead moves. Calling the Wii U the Wii U, creating the Gamecube, everything about the Virtual Boy.  However, with the implementation of Nintendo Direct, the company's own mini video press conferences, they have struck gold.  The Direct videos are great for fans of Nintendo and video games, getting to see an in depth look at what's coming their way straight from the horses mouth.  They also are entertaining for one reason, it is a man, and his name is Satoru Iwata. Iwata, the president of the popular company, is one of the most entertaining, hilarious, and downright adorable people to ever have a position like his.

How could you not like this guy!?!
Iwata shows an unusual for Japanese business, fun and downright silly attitude to the Direct videos, always coming up with a funny new way to get the message across. Below are some of my favorite examples, most of which are instantly GIF ready, meme perfect, and downright hilarious. Nintendo has always been praised for holding onto that childlike sense of wonder that comes with video games, and Iwata is only encouraging it.

Iwata and his luxurious hair.

Interrupted by equally adorable Miyamoto.

Oh, don't mind me, just admiring these bananas.

Can you spot Iwata somewhere in these Luigis?

Hat made of chicken, or no hat made of chicken?
As you can see, this guy is just a big bag of fun, and isn't that what video games are about? Keep it up Iwata, you are making my life just that much better.

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Sony President Trolls Everyone On The Internet

After the somewhat disastrous reveal of the new Xbox, where Microsoft seemed incredibly unequipped to answer journalists questions about how the new console would treat used games. Many have turned to Sony to become their shining beacon of consumer satisfaction. For the past few days passionate fans of the Playstation have been active online pleading with Sony not to restrict used games on the PS4.

The All-Seeing DRM. DRMilluminati?

The idea of DRM or Digital Rights Management, the acronym that has become synonymous with how digital products can be used has been a hot topic regarding the new generation of video game consoles. Various rumors have abound regarding whether the big two companies (Sony and Microsoft) would be employing the system on their new machines, an idea that a majority of consumers find very displeasing. With the announcements of both consoles the fans are still in the dark, Sony didn't mention it.  Microsoft, well they handled things terribly, with some executives telling journalists yes while others no.  Their flip flopping left consumers baffled, and journalists frustrated, Microsoft dropped the ball big time.

The Internet is pretty clear on DRM, they hate it.

Given the disaster around the new Xbox, fans of Sony have taken to Twitter, posting with the hashtag #PS4noDRM, with a goal of ensuring that gamers who purchase a PS4 will be able to buy, sell, and borrow games on the PS4.

This morning one of the few Sony executives who isn't active on Twitter very much gave a response. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida responded in the best way.  He trolled everyone.


Sony's business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad also joined in on the trolling.


 Hats off to Sony for being the first company to inject a little humor into the discussion. This can be looked at as good news, because if they are joking around on Twitter the company probably doesn't have any plans for restrictions in the pipeline.  If they do however, this could be the best case of trolling by a major company ever. I doubt it though, because the collective Internet would lose their damn minds.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nicki Minaj Slams Rosenberg on Hot 97 Explains Her Attitude

Almost one year to the date Nicki Minaj has appeared on Hot 97 to discuss with DJ Rosenberg the diss that he squarely aimed at her last June at the station's Summer Jam concert. In a pretty genius bit of marketing right before this year's Summer Jam, Rosenberg invited Minaj to come on the show and discuss the comments that he rudely made towards her and her label which caused the superstar to pull out of her performance. Their conversation proved to be pretty fascinating, as two adults were able to really critically speak to each other without getting out of control.

Nicki at the station, looking like a sparkly general ready for battle.

In their discussion which you can see a clip of here, Minaj bravely stares down her critics and pretty much hands Rosenberg his ass.  She describes him as a virtual unknown to her as far as being a radio personality, questioning his dismissal of her as unwarranted.  When he subsequently asks her if she defines herself as a diva, Minaj concisely and powerfully attacks the tired cliche in popular society where any woman who exerts her personal strength is criticized for it, while men are celebrated for the same behavior.

She gives a candid reasoning for her sometimes jarring behavior, noting that her refusal to be victimized by men has affected her behavior, and her personal life seeing her mother's sheepish behavior in the eyes of men molded her into the strong personality she is. She says:

"If I was not like this, so many people would have taken advantage of me...There’s a chip on your shoulder because you’ve experienced headstrong men…and I experienced my mom not really speaking up as much as I wanted her to when I was young…I remember just thinking like, 'Why won’t she say something? Why won’t she yell back?

 Say what you will of Minaj, she definitely is an egomaniacal celebrity, like many celebrities.  But she is not afraid to attack the sexist ideals that somehow still prevail in our society, especially for strong, successful women.  The double standard that powerful women who exert their own opinion and speak their mind are treated as divas with chips on their shoulders, while men are celebrated as stalwart titans is both disgusting and a antiquated fossil of a past society. Totally not reflective of the world that we should be living in.

Let's discuss our mutual beef, shall we?

As far as the interview with Rosenberg, it is great to see two people responsibly explaining their opinions of each other honestly, and as adults.  Especially in a medium where radio hosts often encourage freak outs and over the top hyperbolic frivolities (looking at you Breakfast Club.) Nicki explains her position, and her disdain for Rosenberg, while he stands firm in his evaluation of Nicki's pop music leanings. A fact that he emphasizes in his opinion doesn't belong at a traditionally storied Hip Hop show like Summer Jam. It is a true rarity in celebrity journalism where the star confronts directly her detractors and calmly and securely answers their questions, which are for a refreshing angle, not softball positive ones.

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The Simpsons Meet Grand Theft Auto

There are many things I can say that I genuinely love, both tangible and real, and intangible and fictitious. For instance I love a good beer, a great slice of pizza, a beautiful woman, those are all tangible.  However in the fictitious world things that I love can be put together in incredible ways I would never imagine, only to surprise me in a way that those real things I love never could.

Artist Dan Luvisi has done just that for me, and I thank him. Luvisi has combined two things that I hold ever so dear, The Simpsons and Grand Theft Auto. Two properties that I have grown up with, and cultured a fierce affinity for. One of the best shows ever made put with one of the best video game series is a great idea. Below you will see Homer and Carl imagined as nefarious criminals straight out of Vice City, the fictional location for Grand Theft Auto that placed the protagonist in a neon soaked 80's wonderland of drugs, guns, and Scarface references. Entitled "Grand Theft Otto" he also included a rather darker Otto, complete with finger tattoos and bloody windshield. great.

Note the Grand Theft Otto finger tattoos.
Not only does it put two of my favorite things together wonderfully, but it also reminds me of the magical days when my brother and I used to play the actual mashup (albeit much more family oriented) of Grand Theft Auto and Simpsons that was Simpsons: Hit and Run. It's also quite possibly the best Simpsons game ever made.

I have included a video of that game below, for nostalgia's sake. Also I wanted to hear Homer say, "I have no insurance!"

Needless to say, Mr. Luvisi has some talent for artwork. You can visit his DeviantArt page here, he has some great stuff there.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Studying Too Damn Much Is Japan's Latest Photo Meme

We have seen hadoukening, we have seen fake Quidditch, and recently these have been abandoned as young people of Japan have a totally new meme to celebrate. One facet of Japanese life over the years that has remained unchanged is the ideal of the importance of education. Young people dedicate long hours to making sure they excel in the classroom, as it directly affects their lives even more in their country than others, where the best students are given the best opportunities for jobs.

Often in Japan teens tweet about their long study habits, saying things like "I study so long my head hurts," or "I studied so much I am going to go crazy." So recently some students have contributed to the "Studying too damn much" meme and it is taking off like wildfire (or like hadoukening and fake quidditch.)

For the past week teenagers have been tweeting pictures of themselves sitting in chairs studying placed rather dangerously on top of desks. The idea of the photos is to give the illusion that they have literally studied so hard that they have upset the laws of gravity. The teens "sit" with their feet often on a chalkboard, giving a humorous angle to their dedication to classwork. Well when they aren't doing photo memes specifically of course. Check it out for yourself below.

Some pictures have even been tweeted using the original angle, so you can get the idea of how things were set up if you haven't figured it out. I can't decide which angle is funnier, but they are both pretty good.

This is naturally "don't try this at home" type of stuff, but I don't think you have a classroom in your house anyway. If you do though, be careful.

Anyway, these are great ways for the teens to blow off steam in between the exams that determine their academic future. I cannot wait to see what the next one will be, we will have to wait patiently but I am sure it will be fun. Good use of the Internet Japan, once again.

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Mad Men Recap: The Rise And Fall Of Relationships

Poor Peggy, we knew your time with Abe was limited.  However only you would (accidentally) stab yourself to single life, only to be rebuffed by the man you want.This week's episode of Mad Men was all about the relationships between couples.  There were couples who used to be in love, one's whose love is falling away, and in Peggy's case both losing love and lamenting for an unrequited one. As always in Mad Men, rash decisions were made, and we will have to see where they lead us.

Say what you will about Don, that is a sweet Mercury

One of the complaints many people have had with this season is that Don is reliving his usual character arc.  He is still a heavy drinker, he is still crushed by the weight of his unhappiness, and he is still a philandering cheat. But this week we saw another side of him when he joined Betty at camp for their young son. Seeing him sit around the lunch table with his ex-wife and young son, singing a campfire tune and genuinely happy to be a father, now that was surprising. His eventual sleeping with Betty in the cabin later that night? Also surprising, but more familiar for him as well. As soon as he pulls the bottle of liquor out, sharing a drink with Betty we know what is going to happen, even though we know it is a bad idea.

From what we saw from Betty, we know that her narcissism is masking her problems at home. When we first see her this episode she is being hit on a mere few feet from Henry by one of his political rivals.  At first we think she is rebuffing him when she tells him, "I have three children." When he replies that he doesn't care, she corrects him giving us her true motive. "No," she says, "Does it look like I have had three children?"

Betty knows exactly what she is doing.

It was that narcissism that brought her and Don back together that night. They both sought to quell their unhappiness together in the arms of someone other than their spouse, and we knew it was on when she asks him, "What did you think when you first saw me?" referring to their chance encounter earlier in the day on the way to camp.  "That you were as beautiful as the day I first met you," he tells her, knowing as well as we do that is all that it will take.

Lying together in the afterglow they are intimate and real. Don wonders why sex for people is the "definiton of being close to someone," because he never has felt that way about it.  He describes it to Betty as climbing a mountain, and that he feels close to women with them in his arms. "Do you just want to hold me then?' she asks him.  No, he will settle for more sex.

The next day Don awakens to find himself back in Betty's icy blue stare as he finds her at breakfast with Henry, sending him off alone to his own table. It is almost like she planned the whole thing.

We almost feel sorry for him, then realize that we should feel sorry for Megan instead. Try as she might she isn't getting through to her husband, and by now we all feel like she may never get the chance to turn the clock back to the way things used to be.  A sentiment many women have shared for the man.  When still in bed with Betty, she even pities the young woman, "poor Megan, she doesn't know loving you is the worst way to get to you." Very astute Betty, and you would know.

Megan tries to make him dinner, he doesn't want to eat. She asks him about his day, he doesn't want to share.  She tries to express her own feelings, he wants to go to sleep.  Sirens sound throughout their interactions, a clever symbolic move.  The sirens sound from the ambulance where Peggy's relationship is falling apart while slowly above it all so does Megan and Don's

Meanwhile below Peggy's stabbing of Abe has finally brought him clarity and the balls to tell her how he feels about her. "You will always be the enemy," he tells her "I'm sorry." She realizes he is breaking up with her.  However Abe isn't the only man turning her away. Both Don and Ted continure to butt heads in the office, and Peggy, their dual protege is caught between them.

She tries hard to not take sides, knowing that in doing so she angers Don and is doing so in part to separate from Ted, the man she increasingly is falling for. She angers Don when she doesn't back his idea, and she angers Ted when she accidentally shows him affection in a product pitch meeting.

When she tells him how she is single now, and hints to rekindling their affair, all he can do is encourage her to find someone new.  Ted is a good person, and like it or not he cannot do what Peggy wants him to. She stands in the hallway as both men close the doors on her.  It's a crushing moment.

This week could prove for some interesting events down the line. Megan is still being pursued by her swinger bosses on her show, could she eventually fall victim to the casting couch? Don had sex with Betty of all people, do you really thing that she won't use it against him? Why is Bob Benson so nice to everyone? We are getting ever closer to the finale and the changes we are seeing are meaningful for everyone.  We will see how deeply they cut.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Funday: Where We Look At Stuff From The Internet

Hey there you lovely Funday audience you, and what a lovely Funday it is.  For today is the day, my virtual friends that one of the best television shows of all time slides back into our hearts again. Odds are if you are here reading this then you know what I am talking about, and you also know that the proper answer to: "Do you want to go to the country club with me?" would be:

Yes Arrested Development is back, for a whole new season on Netflix as of today, right now, this moment. So check out this week's videos right here on Funday then fire up whatever your preferred device is and do yourself a favor by watching the new episodes.


Black Hippy

Just in case you don't know, Black Hippy is the new group consisting of the four best label mates in the rap game right now. Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab Soul, and Jay Rock are already together on their record label, and now they are making the biggest supergroup to come out of the West Coast since Death Row. Here they are dropping the best verses on one of the best beats to come out this year on the U.O.E.N.O. remix, fool.


Action Bronson

The "fat woman is funny" part of this video is unnecessary and venomously juvenile, but the rest of the piece is just so good that I had to include it. Also the incredible Riff Raff cameo had a big part in this videos' inclusion. Bronsolino and Riff are pals in real life and this scene seems exactly like what I imagine their interactions to be like. I dare you to tell me you wouldn't want to be at that barbeque either.


Lonely Island

Got that diaper money.


Kanye West

This was masterful. From the intensity of the huge Big Brother like face on the side, to the somber stillness in between verses, his sweat covered face unflinching and somber. Say what you will about Yeezy, but he knows how to accompany his songs with an appropriate visual. A four minute video of a face shouldn't be so exhilarating, but it is.



Riff Raff

If you are a fan of this blog, then by now you should just resign to me putting as much of Riff Raff as I can on it. If my willpower was even a fraction less than it currently is, I would seriously have something on him everyday. Anyway, Vine is one of the new best things to hit the Internet, and of course Riff Raff, being the Internet wonder he is, is already the undisputed King of All Vines. Here is a supercut of just a few examples of his hilarity.


Xbox Reveal Highlights 

If you follow the news,then you should know that the new Xbox One was unveiled this past week. The reaction from most of the people who would want to buy it? Let's say the three words that most come to mind are: confusion, awful, ridiculous. Clearly the people on the Internet would not let this slide, and just in case you missed the one hour conference, they have sarcastically whittled it down into what seemingly are the three main things Microsoft wants to focus on for the future.


Van Halen Guitar Cover

Tina is 14, and she also happens to be a guitar prodigy. Here she is impressing everyone but herself, destroying Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption" as only a guitar god(dess) like herself could. Naturally, as a 14 year old would, she does it with the most deadpan, apathetic face anyone could ever have.


8-Bit Daft Punk

Whether you love the new Daft Punk album, or love the idea of the new Daft Punk album it is understood that when it finally came out people would soon be remixing/re-imagining it for years to come. Joe Jeremiah is one of those people, and he has decided to turn the disco album into a straight 8-bit, "something you would hear on your Super Nintendo" awesome video game style soundtrack. You might like this better than the actual album.


Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing

I love it when the title of the video does all the work for me.

Arrested Development's Best Gags

Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken? I leave you with this, from all the chicken dances to the Gene Parmesans.  Hopefully not just one but all of these gags make it back in the new season. Don't worry, I won't waste your time anymore, watch this then get right back to it because the whole season is right there waiting for you. Enjoy.

That's it for this week. See you next time you lovely people.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Classic Video Games On Real Life Backgrounds Are Too Slick

Sometimes mashups are lame (looking at you Linkin Park and Jay Z) but sometimes they can be super cool.  Like when the audio wizard Danger Mouse so deftly combined Jay Z's "Black Album" with The Beatles "White Album" to create of course the "Grey Album." There is a new mashup that although this time doesn't involve Jay Z, it does still look cool.

Deviant Art user acefecoo has recently created these great photo edits which mostly feature both Nintendo and Super Nintendo classics. My particular favorite is the Ninja Turtles in an actual sewer, or Donkey Kong on top of a scaffold.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Game of Thrones Characters as Bad Fashion Stereotypes Is Great

It is pretty much an understood fact that George RR Martin's fantasy creation Game of Thrones is absolutely massive at this point.  Over the past few years it has proven to become one of HBO's most massive and acclaimed hits, drawing a wide variety of fans who aren't the usual fantasy ilk. 

With superfandom comes a whole lot of supplementary fanfare, some good, some bad, some hilarious. From the always hilarious fan-fiction, to the heaps of artwork, fans of the series and the books are proud to show their talent while celebrating their favorite fiction.

Lucky for us there are people like Mike Wrobel from France. To in part celebrate his fan-dom, he has re-imagined the cast of the show into amazingly awful stereotypical fashion. From Daenerys' ferrets to Jon's flannel, 90's style. Jaime is in a perfect 80's pastel suit, strapped with a Don Johnson mustache. Finally Joffrey in the best 2000's swagged out apparel.

Fan creations are awesome.

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Middle School Tutor With Cancer Is Real Life Walter White

Are you tired of patiently waiting for what will surely be the tragic conclusion to AMC's Breaking Bad which is coming in August? Well, you can instead lament the true life story of Stephen Doran, who is pretty much a real life Walter White.

Bald head, check. Cancer, check.
The character of Walter White, so incredibly portrayed by the very talented Bryan Cranston is a high school Chemistry teacher with terminal lung cancer who resorts to a life of meth manufacture to provide for his family when he is gone. Stephen Doran is a 57 year old middle school tutor with stage III cancer who was busted this week for allegedly trafficking meth.

Doran received a delivery of a parcel to the Match Charter Middle School this past Tuesday that authorities thought to contain 480 grams of a substance believed to be meth. After following Doran, and subsequently pulling him over, the police recovered the package. Further search of Doran's home provided a digital scale, 38 more grams of the substance, and $10,000 in cash.

Doran also used to be a Massachusetts state representative as well, is undergoing chemotherapy for his illness. He is being charged with the drug crimes, and might as well be charged under the strict rules of drugs on school grounds, after having the package delivered to the middle school campus.

Currently Doran is on house arrest with a GPS attached to his leg, he is only allowed to leave for medical treatments.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finally People Are Using Cats For Humor On The Internet

Well fans of Internet memes and online comedy, it has been a long time coming but the glorious day is here.  People online have finally after years of great jokes decided to use cats in Internet humor. I honestly can figure out how people have never thought of using a cat in any sort of web-based joke. Combining cats with jokes is so simple, and it is such a surprise that it took this long.

Seriously though (but not really) there is another new craze that has hit the world online, and of course it involves cats. Just when you think that every possible option has been exhausted, we as a society go and lower the bar even further. "Cat Bearding" is exactly what it has been so simply named, using your cats face to give the appearance that your lower jaw has been replaced by a bearded grumpy mouth.

Full disclosure, the bottom right animal is a dog. I guess you can "dog beard" too.
So pet owners, get to it. All you need is a cat/dog, some sort of tranquilizer drug to calm them, and a camera and you too can have your very own version of Grumpy Cat featuring your own head! Better hurry though, because if I know the Internet next week will give way to something else.

The real story here is that no matter how ridiculous things get on our beloved virtual world, it can always get more ridiculous.  That is the lesson learned here. If you decide to venture online, be ready for anything, especially human/cat hybrid faces.

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New Trailer Makes Man of Steel Continue To Be Awesome

A new trailer recently surfaced online for the upcoming sure to be summer blockbuster Man of Steel, you know the one about Superman. The film itself, which looks to me like pretty much everything I could want from a Superman movie, has not only a proper origin story, but a stellar group of people both behind it and in it.


Behind the scenes is a group of dudes who know a thing or two about making superhero movies. Mr. "I made one of the best superhero trilogies ever" Christopher Nolan is producing the movie and worked on the story.  The other man who wrote the screenplay, David S. Goyer, heard of him? Yes you have, because he wrote what is probably your favorite superhero movie (The Dark Knight) along with a huge list of great films. Finally behind the camera is Zac Snyder, the man responsible for both 300 and Watchmen.

Please be the movie that Superman deserves, not that it needs.

The movie also features a Murder's Row of acting talent, with a cast that consists of Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Russel Crowe, and Diane Lane. Last but not least, the man who seems to have been born to be Superman, Henry Cavill is set to throw fists with none other than the incredible Michael Shannon as General Zod.  Just in case you have never seen Superman II (go do that now) or read any comic books, you should know that General Zod is also a Krypton citizen. This means when he comes to Earth to fight our beloved Clark Kent he can match the powers of our Superman.  This is a good idea for a villain.

Speaking of General Zod, he is the focus of the new trailer, and boy does it continue to make this movie look like it is going to finally be the modern Superman film (aside from the classic Superman 1&2) that not only people love, but is deserving of one of the most enduring and iconic American characters of all time.

Check out the trailer below, and when you are done watching it, make sure you get a ticket for June 14th because this movie is gonna be great.

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